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Keep charging me even after cancellation

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Last winters, I decided to reduce my weight and get back to my shape. So, I registered for the membership card with Elevated Fitness Gym during January. My friend recommended me for this average fitness centre. Let me briefly describe the environment they were providing; men\’s locker rooms were smelly and generally unclean, most of the equipment was damaged and outdated, the machines were not cleaned daily, and some of the unwanted items were stored in very strange places e.g., broken down treadmills next to fountains, etc. The cherry on the top, their customer service was also disgusting. Some staff members and instructors were not polite and decent. Classes were often cancelled at the last minute, and the only notification given was a piece of paper taped at the front desk, which you can\’t see until you get there and already dressed and ready for the class. Unfortunately, the front desk staff can\’t answer your questions. I think they badly need a talented marketing professional for the front desk.
I was not satisfied, so after three months, I asked them to cancel my membership. They promised that it would be cancelled in thirty days. Three months later, a woman named Christina called me and told me that my account was exceptional. I asked Christina what had happened? I thought membership had already been cancelled in April but she (Christina) replied that she did not know anything about the cancellation and that she will see what she can do and will come back to me in few days. Unfortunately, it did not happen. I even e-mailed Christina after a month. She did not bother to reply. Once again, I went to their office in person to cancel my account and signed all the paperwork too. I waited for one more month but did not receive any confirmation regarding the cancellation. Now, it has been more than six months since they have been charging my debit card. I have called them countless times. I even went to their office twice with my problem regarding the cancellation of my account. Each time, I have been told that the person who handles cancellations is unavailable. Every time I was welcomed by smiling faces and every time the manager assured me that they will cancel my account in just one week and will send me a confirmation email too regarding my cancellation request.
I am feeling harassed by Elevated Fitness Gym. I have to ask my legal representative regarding this issue. I will not pay for services that I am not using at all because I was told that the account would be cancelled. It is needless to say that their customer service is awful and I am not willing to give them even a single star. Finally, I have resorted to cancelling my debit card. I have no reason to exaggerate. These people are deliberate thieves. If you want to join Elevated Fitness thieves, use an AMEX card or similar who will stop them from charging you when you try to cancel. You have been warned. Stay away.

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