Elise Givens

Elise Givens is someone you don’t want to know

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Published: 10 August 2017

Posted by: Robert M. Luck

Elise Givens is truly a horrible human being. She “works” in Knoxville for PCI. When I say works, I mean she got her job after she had sex with her boss. And the only reason she still has her job is because she continues to sleep with him. She is SO useless at the workplace. People from other companies hate it when they have to deal with her, because she has absolutely no idea what she is doing. She’s incompetent as hell, and everyone knows she should be fired.
She is so embarrassing in public. She will refuse to tip waitresses, even though she was herself a waitress before. She will take food from other people’s plates and buy herself kid’s menu food. And she’s so rude to strangers! She won’t even buy her own cigarettes!
Elise was a teen mom, but to this day, she cheats on her husband. She has an ebony stud at her gym whom she spreads her leg for a lot. She basically uses her husband for his money so she can go shopping at the mall. She’s a selfish mom who hardly spends any time with her children. Plus she spends so much money on plastic surgery, trying to make herself look artificially hot.

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