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Those bastards sold me a botched car

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Published: 12 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had saved up a huge amount of money as I wanted to buy my dream car. I set up my appointment with Elite Automotive Consultants. I went to their office to select a car and finally bought the one I loved. 4 days in the wake of purchasing our vehicle I needed to burn through $1100 JUST IN PARTS! My vehicle is currently standing in my driveway NOT DRIVABLE. If my husband didn\’t have the foggiest idea of how to take a shot at vehicles, the total bill could have been a lot more! The vehicle had oil and fumes spills so terrible that is was consuming and smoking in the engine. The fumes’ smell was coming into the vehicle cab so awfully that I couldn\’t drive the vehicle without every one of the windows down! That can kill somebody! On my way back home when I hit 65 mph, the vehicle’s front end shook so terribly that I needed to pull over on the grounds because it horrified me! I figured out that there were no loads to adjust the tires. Additionally, when my husband went to fix my vehicle he discovered 9 jolts missing from the turbo and a ton of harmed and missing gaskets too. So if parts are missing from my vehicle that demonstrates this didn\’t occur after I got it. I immediately wrote a review on their website about these on-going issues. Surprisingly, the manager of this company revealed to me that it was a pleasant drive from Canada where he purchased the vehicle at a sale, so I realize that he needed to have in any event seen the front end vibrate! I reached him back to tell them about our issues, yet he requested that I bring down my review or he wouldn\’t remunerate me. I attempted to set up a gathering date, for said compensation and I would bring down the review simultaneously. I have trust issues with this business, yet he requested that I bring down the review first then he would mail me a check. What concerns me the most about this is he never solicits to see verification from the fixes we did. He simply needs me to bring down my audits. This persuades he either realized the vehicle had issues before he offered it to me since they guarantee to review every vehicle before they put it available to be purchased, or they lie and don\’t examine the autos and hazard it! Whichever way it\’s a risky spot to shop! In case you\’re going to purchase from here take it to a repairman before you consent to ANYTHING!!! They must have scammed so many people by now. Never trust these scammers. They won\’t ever sell you a decent car as all their cars are faulty; moreover, their staff and manager are very rude. They lie with great confidence and will tell you a wonderful story about the car to set a trap for you. BEWARE!!

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