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Published: 20 November 2017

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Elite Couriers – as they call themselves, are contacting individuals and claiming that there is a package for them send from London and request that you pay a ransom because they claim that it has been discovered by customs that there is a foreign notes in the package and you have to pay the ransom before the package can be send to you.

This scam is well planned because you will be contacted by an individual asking to befriend you on Facebook (his name is Chris Tommy from London), when you accept the request, he will then start to generate conversation until to a point where he ask that you communicate on Watzup.

The conversations will continue to an extend where he wins your trust over and tells you how much he would like to share a life with you. After +- two months of conversations, he will inform you that he wants to buy you some things (clothing, hand bags, i-pad etc) he will then send you the pictures of the staff he wants to buy for you and ship them to you. When you agree, he will then after few days inform you that he bought the staff and he will ship them.

You are then contacted by this company informing you that your package has arrived and you need to pay certain Ponds (converted to Rands) to get it delivered to your area. When you have paid the money into their bank account; then the same courier will inform you that your goods will be delivered and they provide you with the time and date.

The day of the delivery; the courier calls you informing you that there is a huge problem at the customs – they don’t want to release your package because it has been discovered by customs that there is a foreign notes and they ask that you pay a ransom for your package to be delivered.

I have searched for this company as I have requested for their company registration number and only to find out that they do not exist.

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