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Published: 16 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Elite property management contracted a company to repair/replace the roofing in our complex. After the work was done, we had a waterfall of water streaming down the walls inside living room. When contacted Elite: they put the blame on our windows being old. We called several window replacement companies to get pricing. We were told by the window relacement contractors that the flashing needed to be fixed on the roof and they could look down see right into our living room. This they said was causing the stream of water. Ken Konle kept denying it was anything Elite did & kept blaming it on the windows. I had the windows replaced & the water continued to come down my walls. Here is where the criminal part comes in. Ken then informed me that I needed “new construction windows”, and that the new ones I purchased were no good. He said that the window installer should have known that it was new construction windows that were needed. I conacted the building inspector, and he agreed to come out & take a look. I was home the day he came out. Elite covered my window up & took him to another unit instead. Then they sent someone over to “fix things”. My husband was home at the time. The worker from Elite removed all the stops that were put into my new windows. He shook the window until it was in a position where after a time it would fall out. A few days later, Ken Konle met with me & had his worker tell me that my new windows were a mess. That they were put in wrong & that anyone could get into my unit from the outside. I had the window replacement man come back. he went up on the roof & this is when he came back to me with a handful of nails; telling me Elite had pulled out all of the stops & jiggled the windows loose. He did however; have the flashing fixed, as the leaking stopped. I can’t tell you how much this complex has gone downhill along with propery values since Elite Property Managment with Ken Konle at the helm taking took over the management of this complex. I gave up, which I probably should not have, but he had a way of retaliating when people disagree, such as what happened to me with the new windows being damaged. I can’t believe that such dishonest people with so little integrity would leave this place in such a mess. Everything is in ill repair & I wonder where all of our money went.

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These two low lifes cant be trusted! i trusted them and they taken advantage of me leaving me out of pocket almost one thousand pounds. |


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