Elite Rewards Group, LLC

Elite Rewards Group, LLC

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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

When I and my husband had his stroke, which left him totally paralyzed on his right side. He could not walk, talk, or use his right hand. I was devastated; in all of our 57 years of marriage I had not done any of the banking or finance. This meant that all our plans for traveling and vacationing were not going to happen. So in order to cut some of our expenses I arranged to get out of two of our time shares that were at a long distance for us to travel to. (We got out of all our obligations for the two time shares for & 036;4,000.00). My husband’s recovery has been slow and he has not fully recovered as of this date. And to add to our health issues, I now have osteoarthritis in all my joints. | And top this off, the contract for my husband’s consulting company was canceled after his stroke, thus leaving us on a fixed income of social security and pension. Now the panic set in, we have our obligations to two remaining time shares and realization our kids would be stuck with them after we pass on. | So when I was notified by phone that we could get out of timeshares if we came to a meeting in Manteca, California at a restaurant. We went to that meeting and we entered into an agreement with ARMOR Resort Services aka “Elite Rewards Group” (616 Cypress Creek Parkway Suite 420 Houston, Texas) to transfer two time share resorts (the Tahoe Seasons Resort and the Plaza Resort Club) on July 17, 2018. | Mr. Phil Ford, president of Elite Rewards Group was our personal account manager that arranged for the financing of this agreement. Under Condominium Interval Interest Contract number 711151: Bank of America, Travel Rewards was paid Elite Rewards Group & 036;9,500.00 and Capital One, Quicksilver was paid Elite Rewards Group & 036;2,423.00. The total of this transaction was & 036;11,923. | In August 2018 through November 2018 we tried to contact Mr. Phil Ford, president of Elite Rewards Group our personal account manager to no avail. We also tried to contact Natali Gwenn, but we were transferred to Mr. Jay Porter. Mr. Porter referred us to Resale Closings, LLC in Pen Argyll, PA (Reference number ERG0305.) They requested additional copies of Warranty Deeds, maintenance fee statements and RCI membership ID number. After several phone calls to Elite Rewards Group customer service, Mr. Jay Porter, and Resale Closings, LLC we did not received any acknowledgement on any of our timeshares being transferred. | At this point in time, we are out & 036;11,923.00 | I understand that in my panic and lack internet skills, all this could have been avoided. But I do not understand why a “snake oil salesman” like Mr. Phil Ford can get & 036;11,923.00 from two highly respectable banks, and got nothing.

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