Elite RV Rentals

Elite RV Rentals

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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Elite RV Rentals has failed to maintain our RV per our contract with them. Their renters have caused very high damage to our RV and Elite RV rentals are refusing to have the damages repaired. Elite RV Rentals is trying to force the repair cost onto us and not through their renters security deposits. When we approach Elite RV Rentals about this issue they refuse to take resposability in the condition of our once presitne RV. They are trying to say all of the damage was their before we rented teh RV to them which is 100% not true. They are trying to say that the renter damages are normal wear and tear, which is not true. | I have multiple pictures proving that the conditon of the RV before we allowed Elite RV Rentals to rent our RV was prestine. In all of my pictures there is NONE of the damage that their is now that Elite RV Rentals claim was there before we allowed them to rent our RV. All of the “repair” that Elite RV Rentals has completed on our RV is done cheaply and inncorrectly. | The replace parts on the RV that do not fit the make/model/year of our RV. When the replacment parts break Elite RV Rentals tells us that the repair is now my responsabilty. This is not true as they inncorrectly replaced the parts in the first palce. Elite RV Rentals is also not reporting damages to us per our contract with them and trying to say all damages were there previous to our renting with him. | When we confront Elite RV Rentals about all of these issues they tell us that they are not responsible in any way for any damages inccured to our RV. This is again in direct conflict with our contract with Elite RV Rentals. Our RV has become so damaged by the renters that Elite RV Rentals is now saying that they are unable to rent our RV due to customer complaints.

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