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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Ellie works for an attorney named kyle sanders. Must be the son of Satan! And he trained her well. My husband cheated on me, and I was very vindictive. They told me they would make him pay! Well, they did, and so did I! They drained us both dry! Kyle kept postponing the trial, saying my husband had not provided the requested info. I found out later he had, but that Kyle and Ellie would not return my husbands attorney’s emails, fxes, phone calls, nothing! My husband’s attorney finally quit, saying he would not be part of such an unscrupulous parlour game! In 2 years he billed my husband $10,000, while Kyle billed me $70,000! Unfortunately, my husband unknowingly then hired a friend of Kyles! They played so many games, he thought he had died and gone to hell! Between the two of them, one month they billed $70,000! Our divorce was not complicated. We agreed to split everything 50:50. They made it a 3 ring circus! It was so bad, I eventually felt sorry for my husband! Finally, when there was no money left, from a seven figure estate, Kyle informed us he was ready to get the divorce over with! HE WAS READY!!! Now we are both broke! Our kids had to drop out of college! I am working fulltime. And when we thought the rape was over, it wasn’t!! There is a trick in the divorce laws that allows the attorneys to file the divorce agreement, but leave out enough details so that another, final document is due in 60 days. O M G! They wanted another 20 grand apiece! We are having to pay him off with penalties and interest! I feel like a jew in a Nazi concentration camp! Will the beating ever stop!? What a screwed up, unfair legal system we have! These attorneys bill $500/ hour, and they completely control when it starts and ends, and it ends when they have taken everything!! My kids cannot even drive a car or go to college thanks to the greed of Kyle Sanders and Ellie Natenberg. These people should go to jail!

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