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These guys tried selling stuff to my son unethically- beware

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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: sophia

Elvis Capellan is a household name these days and why not! However, let me tell you about a real-life incident that involves my son and will totally change your perception of this guy. Why? Because it’s true! Elvis Capellan does business with several investors like R. Aaron Seehawer, Van Carlson, Sima Muroff and Shawn Luteyn in tandem with Donovan Johns, his supplier from Volt Vapes. These guys, let me tell you, have several illegal and unethical businesses and practices. Their methods are not right at all and represent a potential danger.

These guys are now indulging in telemarketing to homes where there are teenagers present. They are trying to sell electronic cigarettes to teenagers. Is this right tell me? My son, who is only 14, got a phone call sometime back from the company. They were offering an e-cigarette or a personal vaporizer/vape absolutely free to my son (just imagine!). Even after my son avoided the issue by saying that his parents were not at home and also that he was not of the legal age, Elvis still went ahead and tried to entice him by asking whether he would be interested in their fruit and candy flavours including smarties, cotton candy and strawberry margarita among others. Do your business, I’m not complaining but please refrain from getting under-age kids into your network of e-cigarettes and vapes. There should be some rules restraining this guy from doing business in this manner. Please people beware of such phone calls and warn your kids in advance. I’m glad my son was sensible enough to resist such advances.

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