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Published: 07 February 2018

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I rec’d 3 certificates from the Emachines class action suit on the 17 July. Tried for a week to be able to put a computer into “my Cart”. Finally did succeed today, gaave all my info, as ordering, got the credit applied to my balance due, There was $44.99 Due plus shipping and taxes. put in my credit card as requested and shipping and billing info. Clicked continued, but, was unable to go any further, tried again from start, clicked and did all as above a 2nd time, same thing. Now I wonder if my card will be billed for 1 or 2 computers, without my $365 credit on one.. The toll free phone is just a recording, repeating the same thing I read on the “if you have any questions” or FAQ site, and no answer to my delimna. I willbe very disappointed if this turns out to be a scam.. I bought 3 E Machines in the past, and have in my possession 3 certificates. plus, I am given a certain period of time to redeem them…any advice on what to do?

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