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Published: 27 February 2019

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My company (AcademyX – www.academyx.com) is a computer training company that has been in business since 2000. We contracted with Emad Younis to teach computer languages and software. We sent him to clients and brought him in to teach at our facilities several times in 2013 and 2014, but eventually we severed our relationship after experiencing three separate situations in a short time frame where complaint about him surfaced from our staff and/or our clients. On one occasion he arrived late to a class and we later found out he had scheduled to arrive at the local airport only a short while before the class was to begin. He claimed to have had a flat tire on the day of the trip and that delayed him. On another occasion we sent Emad Younis to do one-on-one training with a client who had such a bad reaction to him that she sent us back a long email including: “There is no excuse for being unprofessional, berating a paying client, disrespecting a woman or slandering someone because you have obvious anger management issues. Emad Younis is crudely uncivilized”. On the final occasion we sent Emad Younis to do some training at a client in Southern California. We paid for his hotel but when he got there he claimed that his room had a mold problem and he had the hotel call in a mold inspector. The inspector determined that there was no mold. However — and here’s where the ripoff begins — he later claimed that he left the hotel to find a new place to stay because of the mold problem. The hotel, though, has no record of him leaving, and a hotel staff member says that in fact he stayed there the whole week. Nonetheless, Emad sent us an invoice claiming an expense of $1000 for him having paid out-of-pocket for some other hotel to stay in for the week. We asked for receipts and he sent us a PDF that had clearly been altered; we contacted the new hotel that he ostensibly stayed at, and they said that he had contacted them to arrange a FUTURE stay (and therefore get a sample of the receipt document). The receipt he presented to us did not have a unique number, which is always on their receipts; nor did the new hotel have any record (or recollection) of him being there at that time. Basically, our contention is that he created a pretense to switch hotels and then generated a false receipt in order to bill us another $1000 in fake expenses. Having been in business for over 13 years, we’ve seen it all, and this is clearly the type of person with whom we do not want to do business.

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