Endless waiting periods and pathetic staff

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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: marshall

I had visited them last summer for the flu. I was feeling nauseous and weak. I had gotten an appointment with them for 1:00 PM. Now, when you make an appointment at a clinic or a hospital, you don’t expect to wait there for hours. Well, that’s what happened to me when I went there. I spent around 1-2 hours in the waiting room. I had reached the place at around 12:50 PM something and I was expecting to get done with the check-up within half an hour.

When you’re sick every second feels like a long period. And when you’re sitting there waiting to get your name called up, you hope that all this process gets completed within a few minutes. When I first talked to the receptionist for my appointment she told me to wait without checking anything. At around 1:40 or something I contacted her again.

I told her I was quite sick and it would be great if the doctor can see me right away. To my surprise, she didn’t even listen to me at first. She was doing something on her computer and clearly didn’t care about the patients. What kind of unprofessional staff is this? I told her again to which she replied, “Sit, the doctor is still busy. You should wait.”

Well, I waited for another half-hour before I thought to myself that I had enough. I walked up to her counter again saying I’m leaving because I’m tired of waiting. She quickly came to her senses I think. Because she began to panic and told me to wait only for a few minutes.

Anyway, I got my check up that day. But the level of incompetence in their staff is really pathetic. I felt like shit when I was waiting in that long room. I had thought the doctors were super-busy. But when I went there later on for another check up the similar stuff happened. I don’t know why they make the patients wait for so long.

Don’t they realize that the patients are their customer? Giving them a terrible experience will only harm their business. The doctors don’t offer any problems. It’s the rest of the staff which is too rude and careless. You’ll get treatment there but you’ll be regretting every second you spend there.

I have never gone to EmergiMed since that incident. And I advise all my friends and relatives to avoid this place too. What’s the use of getting a normal treatment with pathetic customer experience when you can get better services at other places?

Later, I looked them online to see their customer reviews and I realized I wasn’t the only one who faced this problem. Many of their past patients have complained about poor customer experience and careless of the staff. But they don’t care. They are happy as they are and I believe it would be better if you avoided them. Why bother waiting for 3 hours at the reception just to get your reports?

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