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Published: 03 September 2017

Posted by: Anne W. Cox

I was in dire need of funds 4 months ago and was therefore looking for loan. In those very days I got a call from an executive from Emerson financial trust telling me that I have been sanctioned a loan amount of $24000. I presumed this call and the company to be a genuine one but I was highly mistaken.

They asked me to deposit $450 as security money and that I would be given the loan amount in my account post that. This they required through western union money transfer which costed me another $40. After having made the transfer 3 days passed and nothing happened. After total 5 days, they again asked me to transfer another sum of $360. These charges were obviously unusual for a loan procedure, so I asked the reason for it. I told them I had already paid $490. To this they said I will have to pay by any means and that the procedure and initial money deposit varies from person to person. Being a bigger fool I paid the second amount of $360 as well.

A few days passed and I didn’t receive any loan amount. So I called them up furiously. I was answered by Elizabeth Clayton who is one of the senior persons there. She told that I had to pay $260 again for the third time before I could get loan amount. What the fuck was going on, I failed to understand and that bitch Elizabeth Clayton snapped at me when I asked the reason for undue amount transfers. After this my head boiled with anger and I asked them to cancel the process and transfer the refund amount that I had paid to them twice already.

She refused to give any refund stating that the initial money is non refundable whether I avail the loan or not.
Emerson trust is the biggest scam running in the finance sector and these bastards have no mercy for anyone rich or poor. They rob the money and just plainly refuse to give any explanation or refund; assholes! I have been calling them several times on 18664067776 forcing them to refund the amount or I would complain against them. I haven’t got any approval for refund yet and here I am drowning in debt each day. Numerous mails on [email protected] have gone unanswered and this is really cheap of them to do this to a person who was already lacking funds.
Pissed off with the unlikely events, I have reported against their fraudulent activity and I am now waiting for some action against these scoundrels. I would not let them get away after committing a fraud and sit back relaxed.
To everyone who is reading this space, please do not ever be a prey to these money seeking vultures. If you get any call for loan who ask for advance money, just do not respond and save yourself from the horror.

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