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Published: 24 March 2021

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Emonics LLC CEO Brijesh Tripathi. | Emonics made us believe that they had Fortune 500 clients lined up waiting to hire, when the reality was fake resumes with added experience ware were being created on names of the people they hire on their pay roll and then they have their marketing guys sitting in India call various vendors asking them to submit these resumes to the client and when the interview is to happen from the clients they either arrange for a proxy aka some perchased tech guy to either support the interview if video doing lip sync or if it would be a phone interview the so called proxy will take it directly since each consultant they hire would have a Google Voice number and they would forward the number to the proxys phone number and mock the interview to crack it. There were would be times the account manager of the company (Ratan Tripathi) would call and train before the call on how to lie and pass interviews. | Marketing process: Instead someone from Emonics LLC impersonates us, and spams a fake resume in our name and waits for whatever company bites. By sheer accident, I managed to get access to the marketing e-mail and see what was really going on. You are impersonated, and a fake resume is sent, and the impersonator negotiates an hourly salary of about $65 to $75 of which you’d only get about $30. The companies that we are then sent off to, have no idea that we work for Emonics, and it is Emoincs’s policy that we never disclose that fact. We have to memorize a fake resume. | Here’s how the company works: | 1) Emonics recruits persons to work for their company as consultants in the following fields: Java, Android, BA, BA Healthcare, and QA Automation. The persons may or may not have previous experience in one of those four fields. Nevertheless, Emonics trains us a little. After which time, the Emonics consultant has a working knowledge of the software and the role they will be attempting to do, as an application developer, for example. Everything at this point is not a rip off. What is fraudulent is what happens next. | They would also photoshop visa’s editing the date of birth on it to back date it so they the make the consultants experience higher, Eg they would consultants on H1B and back date visas issue date and expiration to make it valid. | 2) After the consultant has gone through the brief period of training, their resume gets modified, sometimes extremely fabricated. Keep in mind – falsifying a resume is not always illegal, but it can get the person fired.) at this point, the consultant doesn’t have actual work experience in the field. So, emonics makes fictitious work histories at usually big name companies and sometimes smaller name companies. The resulting resume likely would state something to the following, for someone who has never worked in the field or has been working less than 2 years: | 3-7 years of work experience as a developer or senior developer | With very detailed descriptions of each fake job the consultant didn’t work | Possibilty of very detailed job description for legitimate experiences – likely exagerrated | Example: 2-4 published applications in the app store | 3) Then, the consultant’s resume is marketed by a sales associate for the company, who acts like the actual consultant and represents the consultant’s resume to recruiters and vendors. In other words, the sales associate acts as an imposter. He then aims to get the actual consultant interviews with clients. More details below. | Note: all of the Emonics consultants have “great references” from their “previous employer”. How? Because Emonics creates fake Google Voice phone numbers according to the zip code of the employer and someone from Emonics acts as their former boss over the phone. They also do fake reference checks via email, which are always personal email addresses – like gmail or yahoo – not corporate ones, like “macys.com”. This faking of references happened several times during my tenure, at which point the sales manager of the sales expert deceived a vendor Recruiter) into thinking he was the former boss of consultant. The assistant sales manager also did the same form of fraud. Sometimes the actual sales associates were asked to do the reference faking as well. This was not a 1 time thing. This happened every time a reference was requested. They create fake phone number, fake email address and then act as the former boss, to ensure their consultant gets checked off with good references. | As a real example, one of the consultants Emonics was marketing actually graduated in 2015 This year), but had on his resume 3+ years of work history as an Android developer. He never worked in the field before but recently went through their training program in android application development. He was being marketed by a sales associate. This sales associate – as all sales associates – would act as the actual consultant, in essence as an impostor, in an attempt to get the real consultant an interview with the client. | Here’s an example: | -Emoincs has revamped his resume with fictitious work histories. | -sales associate for Emonics would post that resume on all job board like indeed, monster and dice.. And begins marketing dm as himself through internet job boards and by calling recruiters, vendors. | -sales associate “sells” dm as an excellent android application developer, negotiates a very high pay rate – between $65-$75/hr – and sales associate pushes for an interview for the real consultant, dm. | -after a phone/skype interview request is made for the consultant dm, Emonics gets their support aka proxy pays them to support consultant with the interview, to help him answer the questions. After the interview is done, a report is sent to the sales associate about the actual interview, so he can continue deceiving the vendor/recruiter into thinking he’s consultant dm. | -once a client is ready to offer the consultant a job, a contract is agreed upon between the vendor and Emonics, wherein Emonics makes sure they are not at fault if their consultant fails on project. | -sometimes the consultant fails project and sometimes he succeeds. | -supposedly, all consultants have a support proxy while in project, like they do during their interviews. Of course this must be kepts secret while on project and also it must be kept secret during the hiring process. Reports can be read online to attest to that. From my experience, Emonics goes to great lengths, even threats, hacking and bribes, to try to keep their secret form of fraud.) | As a sales assocciate, i was told that 95% of Emonics consultants succeeded in their projects. The reality was that 0% of the consultants i was marketing passed their last proejct; 80% of them were terminated from their last project and 50% of them had never worked in the field. Keep in mind, all of them had stellar resumes and i was selling them at the highest rates in the industry. I previously believed the lies but it took some work to uncover the reality.) | To summarize, Emonics tries to place underqualified it consultants on consulting projects at top tier rates – $65-$80/hr on corp-to-corp – by deceiving the vendor and clients. Why does Emonics do this? Because they pay their consultants fractions of what they are earning. It’s a very profitable business, but, quite terribly, a business built on deception and lies.

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