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Published: 27 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

BELOW READ MY LETTER TO THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT IN REGARDS TO MY READMISISON: “I was I enrolled in Empire at Astoria Queens in January of 2014. Due to my mother being in a car accident that left her permanently disabled my life was turned upside down. For the first time in my life I had to work full time to pay for rent, car insurance, groceries and other living expenses all while trying to finish school. Working full time hours while trying to complete school full time started to take a toll on my health. I began to miss school days after having to seek medical attention so often. After reporting multiple chest pains I knew that the stress I was under both physically and mentally could possibly lead to an even worst hospital visit. In an attempt to relieve some stress I resigned from my full time job of almost 1 & 1/2 years in April if 2014. Unfortunately my medically excused absences made no difference in my below standard attendance rate and I was advised to take a leave and re-enroll in a different campus. As hard as it was for me to make the decision, I ended up choosing to defer my last 474 hours of cosmetology school in hopes of getting a fresh attendance rate start at Empire 34th St. I was told that after 2 weeks I could return to school. thought I could go back to school with no problem and but in November of 2014 after meeting with 34th St’s Robert Curcio I was informed for the first time that I would not be able to. For the first time I was told my absences had brought my attendance rate too low even though I had Doctor’s notes that accounted for EVERY SINGLE absence on file. I had NEVER failed a test and was a top academic student. All of these reasons gave Curcio the impression that more than likely my appeal would have been approved and we scheduled my evaluation for re-entry that day. After filing a lengthy appeal that included medical notes, proof of my mothers disability and my future plan of action on the morning of my evaluation, I was declined re-entry to finish my education. I was devastated. Im asking you to please reconsider (as I am told this is a corporate decision) the options available to students under Family Medical Leave Act and Michelles Law and grant my re-entry to Empire. My undue hardships made it impossible for me to be successful in the completion of the program and I chose to go with the advice of Empires faculty and that was to take a leave. I had NO IDEA this is what would have come of my decision. Being a cosmetologist is just not something I decided to do randomly but has been my passion for years. My brother who graduated from Empire Astoria in 2013 raved about beauty school being the best parts of his life and I just knew I’d share that experience with him. I come from a family with multiple licensed professionals in beauty and it’s been my long time dream to join them. I even recruited my cousin to my same school who is now graduating next week! I’m proud of her but sadly my own dreams have been put on hold by not being able to finish my less than 3 months of a program I sacrificed everything in attempts to finish – my job, my relationships with family and friends and at times my health. I am now paying almost 14K for an education I did not complete. I have been faithfully making payments to my balance with Empire because I hope that I can someday return to Empire to finish my last 474 hours. Since my last date of attendance at Empire my circumstances have changed entirely. My mother has been granted disability benefits and I don’t work at all. I am in good health again and I now have the focus, energy and TIME required to fully commit to finishing school. I KNOW that I will attend school everyday until I graduate. Finishing my education is my dream. I just want a fair chance to succeed. Fundamentals and structure shouldnt lack core values in the personal interests of any person. The fear and denial of student status and medical leave and its repercussions, due to medical conditions, causes many cosmetology students to drop-out or force others to sign themselves out. The numbers will speak for themselves. Drop out levels would not be as atrocious if Empire didnt lack empathy on a corporate level. So If you have it in your power to help me, please do so.” UPDATE* THE OFFICE HAS SINCE CONTACTED ME TO LET ME KNOW THAT THEY WILL NOT REINSTATE MY STATUS AS AN ENROLLED STUDENT. THIS ORGINIZATION DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS STUDENTS AND ONLY WISHES TO TAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE FROM PEOPLE WHETHER OR NOT THEY COMPLETE THE PROGRAM. MANY PEOPLE HAVE EXPERIENCED HEALTH ISSUES, FAMILY DEATH AND OTHER TRAGIC ORDEALS ONLY TO HAVE THIS SCHOOL SLAP THEM IN THE FACE WITH TERMINATION. I CHOSE TO WITHDRAW DUE TO HEALTH CONCERNS AND IN THE END THEY DONT WANT ME TO BE A SUCCESSFUL STUDENT, THEY ALREADY HAVE THEIR MONEY SO THEY ARE DONE WITH ME. I WOULD NOT RECCOMMEND EMPIRE TO MY WORST ENEMY AND I AM BEYOND DISAPPOINTED AT HOW THEY RIPPED ME OFF.

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