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Published: 01 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This is a reveiw I shared at facebook.com/Empowr-Scam-Alert-1576548852646218/?hc_ref=ARS-RPlor8bdkIPUb1m2VgumWcX4NpdrtP5TOkTbvrMEQHXQOct6R39rPyW3SbrHp3s&fref=nf | Empowr.com the Clever Scam Artists | I have been with Empowr some months now, and just had my account closed today after I asked them for a refund for $125 which they are trying to take from my Paypal account. I say “trying” because I don’t have funds to cover it. I have no idea what the $125 is for, there was no notification that they were going to take it. | They have also been taking money from my Paypal account to pay for purchases I made on their site, despite having a balance of over $2000 with them. | There have been amounts of $25 taken from my Paypal account previously for some kind of Power-up I know nothing about but that was supposed to benefit me in some way. I gave them the benefit of the doubt until now. | Money from items I have sold through their auction and sales has not been received by me, only added to the balance I have with them that there seems no way of withdrawing. Each month I wait for my earnings to “mature” but it never happened. Well, now I am well over $200 down, plus items I have sent to people at my own cost, and I have nothing to show for it. I have been with them well over 90 days and no cash outs available. | My account has been closed and they no longer respond to my emails. I have no access to records of sales I made through their system, no access to records of purchases for which I have paid but not yet received the goods (So there is no way I can chase up those who have not yet delivered). | My experience was very much the same only at a higher level of cost. I have shared a lot more at my facebook page, because at the time I didn’t know how else to help others from being taken. Empowr is a scam. I lost and took it as a lesson learned. However I vowed I would spend as much effort to alert others as I did to drag them into empowr. I wish I had never encountered empowr. They stold my time, effort, funds, trust and my good name. I was stolen from and I dragged my friends and family along with me. Stay away from Empowr – I know the hope of extra money is enticing, that is how they got me. It only cost me – I never profited a single penny and when I asked for a refund they say is available I was deleted and I had to file with my credit card and paypal to get some of my funds back. | Please trust me – Empowr is a scam!

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