Encanto Potash Corp.

Encanto Potash Corp.

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Published: 09 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Our company, Steinberg Valentino made an unfortunate discovery when we entered into an agreement with ENCTD (Encanto Potash Corp). Their business dealings are equivalent to those of treacherous crooks. | The villains signed a contract with Steinberg Valentino and led us to believe that they would make payment at the end of the job completion. They took full advantage of the contract, demanded extra services and fully manipulated us into believing that it was a business deal. | After fulfilling our part of the agreement, when payment was asked of them, instead of paying up, they behaved like street thugs. They not only refused to pay up but became aggressive and very nasty. | We approached the Directors of ENCTD, namely Stavros Daskos and Aref Kanafani. Of course, that made us realizes that they were, in fact, the leading vultures of this scam. Reminds one of an anecdote; a hyena persuades a rabbit to hunt together alongside it, dividing the share equally later. | In the end, the hyena claims seventy percentages by virtue of its strength, and then it places the remaining thirty percentages in the middle and tells the rabbit it can have it IF it can wrestle it from the hyena.

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