End of the Line

End of the Line

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Published: 14 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

These individuals prey on the emotions of animal lovers. They state they are saving horses from the auction at the bidding of this elusive kill buyer and house the horses at their facility in Harmony, PA. This facility is a very run down, in much need of repair, and unsafe living conditions. This is just the house. The barn is much worse. Drive by and see for yourself; 564 Barkley Rd, Harmony, PA 16037. | The business is quite covert. No telephone contact info or email. Reported to not utilize receipts or collect PA tax(a legal no no). What is the tax id and do they report all the donations or bail fees as income? It is no returned to the business for the betterment of the facilities for these needy, helpless horses. Most of the money goes to the kill buyer for them to line their pockets on horses at a higher cost then they would get at the sale. They also try to sway the unsuspecting adopter or donator to make a hasty decision as these horses are going to auction soon! Just like a used cars salesman, if you do not take this car now I have someone else looking at it. Wait a tick, did you not say you saved these horses from the sale of the elusive kill buyer? Kind of peculiar they are going to a sale! | Remember, honest people who run honest business have no problems with an individual calling them at a published number or in the horse/car business allowing an individual to see their prospective purchase. Please, the one person who replied to the complaint of End of life equine, stating the individual needs horsemenship training, yes I have had quite the experience with horses, mules, and manure. The best lesson any advanced equine person can give to the less experienced equine person is we all have the responsibility to care for GODs animals with dignity and compassion. Beware of the wolves hiding in sheeps clothing. Many, I mean many horse people in the business of dealing horses are quite good at deception. They are not looking out for your welfare or the welfare of these horses who have lived through so much. Their biggest struggle is not the sale, but the life they live at the rescue facility.

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