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Published: 13 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Did you know that sadly the majority of puppies brought into this world by Endless Mountain Labradors are done so on a puppy mill farm owned by Mennonites in Penn Yan NY. Who raise their dogs on wire kennels where the dogs cannot touch the ground for better part of the day. Did you know that most of the original puppy pictures you see online thinking that your new baby is being hand raised in a beautiful home by Endless Mountain Labradors are in reality all stuck in a small cubicle on the Mennonite farm for the first 10 weeks or so of their life. Did you know that those farm puppies are only brought to Endless Mountain Labradors location a day or two before ” you ” the new puppy owner show up to buy your new puppy? Did you also know that this particular Labrador Kennel produces Aprox 150 to 200 puppies a yr. Breeding their females every time they come into heat. Never giving their bodies a rest? They are merely just a Glorified Puppy Mill. And you are funding this Commercial Kennel by every purchase you make. Riding on the backs of all those poor females that have no choice in the matter. Did you know that if you ever tried to get a refund for a sick puppy. You would never see your money. Mainly because greed is what motivates this kennel. Not love as they would want you to believe. Did you know that the reason why this kennel encourages you to buy the Flint River dog food, setting you up with a direct shipping of that food is because they get a percentage off every bag that is sold. And that they don’t even feed their own dogs that brand of food, just the puppies who are coming to you. Did you know that as a rule they bring the mother of the puppies going home to their property as well just in case you want to see both the mother and father. But then the female goes back to the Mennonite farm to live until the next heat. You were duped, taken advantage of just like the rest of us unsuspecting puppy buyers. Along with the females who are forced to mass produce puppies for human gain. But you didn’t know. How could you have known. You believed every word that was told to you. However, now you do know. Please do not support puppy mills. Shame on them for misleading the animal lovers that we ALL are.

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