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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Requested free trial for each product. Credit card info was requested to cover small mailing charge. Request was made 11/06/17. Charge of $93.99 was made 11/22/17 listed on Visa bill with string of numbers followed by “On with your day” … did not pick it up. Received Endovex and thought it was the trial bottle. Charges of $93.39 were made on 12/02 and 12/22 on Visa bill with string of numbers followed by “Shop open door”. Received another bottle of Endovex and thought it must have been sent in error. When third bottle of Endovex arrived, I called the phone number on the bottle and was told that my trial pertiod was 14 days and since I did not tell them to stop they began sending the product and billing me the regular price. NO WHERE DID I SEE INFORMATION EXCEPT THAT THIS WAS A FREE TRIAL. THERE WAS NEVER INFORMATION THAT THE REGULAR PRICE OF ENDOVEX WAS $93.39. They told me they would close my account. | Not only did they not close my account, a new product began coming, ParaTest. The following charges were made: $93.99 on 01/09/18, $93.39 on 01/19/18, $93.99 on 02/07/18, and $93.39 on 02/19/18. These entries appeared on my Visa bill with a string of numbers followed by “SupShop” and “OneStop”. | I recently checked the Endovex free trial offer online, and it comes up with another product name. I have tried to find ParaTest online, and I cannot find anything but a product sold by Vets for animal digestive problems. I now have four bottles each of Endovex and ParaTest that I will never use and almost $700 in charges on my Visa card. I have contacted my Visa card company, and they say the company that is selling these bogus products claim I ordered the free trial under the 14-day conditions agreeing to purchase at the unknown full price on a monthly basis if I didn’t notify them to stop after 14 days. I am a careful shopper, and I know that if conditions had been spelled out clearly, I would never have agreed to anything like this. The billing description on my Visa bill was intentionally misleading. This company is clearly running a scam … any sembalence to being a real business does not exsist.

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