Endurance Auto Warranty

Lack of Transparency

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Published: 27 August 2019

Posted by: HolySmoke.org

Endurance Auto Warranty is the best place to get an insurance or warranty for your vehicles if you want a small accident to cost you your whole life’s worth of earning. No no I am being serious … they are the best in the world. We had already bought an insurance for our car … which while purchasing they said will cover everything and anything that might happen to a car. And then we had a small accident- nothing much just a dent and some painting work. Which any other company would also be able to provide. Even the mechanic was also saying that this is not a big deal… and that there has been car that were much worse and still got covered. So, I was very confident to get the cover. But well to my surprise … it was not so. I got there just in time as the manager was leaving … I stopped him to ask him about my car, but he just assigned me to a random staff. This staff member firstly couldn’t get any file by my name or my wife’s name and then when he did get to the file he started to tell me how dent fixing was not included in the plan that we opted for. And that when they were talking about a different plan and for availing that over now we would have to pay double the price we had paid in the begin to get this policy. Ultimately, I had to pay, because I really wanted to get my car fixed. I just agreed to their obnoxiously high price for doing a simple job. I am very disappointed and angry too. How can they do this… go back on their words… once say something and then say something completely opposite. VERY UPSET!!

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