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A Pathetic Company

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Published: 27 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Endurance Warranty Services is a pathetic company. They don’t know how to talk to people and how to talk to the elderly. My father needed a policy for his new bike. A bike he saved money all his life for… this is his dream bike. He has given up all the luxuries of life to be able to afford this. We are a middle-class family and such things are very precious to us… close to our hearts. My dad loved this bike immensely and wanted it to be covered by a policy even after the warranty period. And so, he went to Endurance Warranty Services to get a policy for his bike. First, they took a really long time to show-up and talk to him. Then when they saw an old man asking for a policy they refused to give it on the grounds that he is old, and the bike is bound to get damaged by him. It is a branded bike and its repair will be very expensive for the company to cover. My dad had to tell them that he is a good rider and that he can take care of this bike, to which they replied saying then why do you need a policy… he had a terrible time getting a policy… they kept saying that they will not cover his bike. He could not get a policy for his bike. I had to intervene and help my dad get a policy. This is not fair … you cannot rather should not deprive a man of his happiness because of his age. Instead of treating a senior citizen with respect and utmost care … they made him feel very bad. He was very upset and sad. You should make sure you do not repeat this again.

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