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Published: 08 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Signed this company to do entire replacemet of all windows and 2 doors at my residence.i purchased the house in Oct. 2013 and signed up in Nov. to do windows. They started the install in April2014. It took that long to get the windows made blaming the manufacturer for all delays. I was home for 8 weeks recovering from surgery and planned that time to be available for the installation. The surgery was the end of Jan 2014. The windows were still not ready. I return to work the first week of April now they are ready to do my windows. Now I am off work only on Mondays. They attempt to get their crews together show up late most Mondays —I call the office to find out if they are even coming and they show up towards 11am half the time with no tools no crew leader –they leave around 3ish —not much accomplished…… Needless to say here we are 15 months later job is done but not inspected. The permit has long been expired. All I get is excuses.. I call 3-5 times a week. getting no where. The door installation was horrid . I didn’t know they never sealed the frame into the concrete. T he next small rain storm came in lifted my wood floor . I now have a damaged floor. They sent a Door installer to fix what the first crew did. He stated that they never sealed the door. Months later still not inspected it is leaking again and rain is still coming in. I can’t wait for real hurricane winds to hit it. They gave me a credit towards the floor for $400.00 . I had a flooring company give me an estimate for repairing the floor to a cost of $2000.00 They need to resubmit plans for the job that is already done because every one who first wrote up my estimate forgot one small window above the rear door. That window took 3 months to have made. This has been a nightmare . Save yourself alot of headaches and stay away from this company. T he crew leader that was in charge of my job showed up late never stayed on the job left his crew with no overseeing. His helpers were not expierenced . Alot of the time the boys were ready to work bur their tools were in the crew leaders truck at another job. Very unproffesional. the leader was very argumentative with me and at one point tried to have a fight on my front lawn with my boyfriend . This employee seems to hold a qualifiers license that his boss seems to need to operate his buisness. He is trapped by having to keep this employee until it’s time for renewal of that license. In the mean time I believe he knows his job is secure so he can act up at will. .

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