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Those people didn’t apologize. They didn’t even issue a refund.

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

You must be planning on starting a website for your firm. But what if the firm you choose claims to be the best and is not even near perfection? Maybe your sales will decrease and you will lose market share too. Among such firms, Enet Advertising tops the list. They are SEO service providers located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. According to their profile, they are the best when it comes to search engine optimization. They will do their best to attract more traffic every day for the betterment of your business. If you chose them, you will have no fear of losing sales or market share. But what I had experienced is the total opposite of their claims. An uncle of mine decided to optimize his website and was searching for the perfect firm that could help him with this. He came across several names and Enet Advertising struck him. He had read a lot of reviews about them too. Their profile was compelling and he asked them to build him a website so that he can have more customers. They asked for a week and even said to handle the website on their own. He will be free from the maintenance hassles. He was happy with this and agreed on whatever cost he had to pay. After two weeks, he went to the website and the situation made him angry. He witnessed a significant difference in sales in the first two days and then all of a sudden the business started to face some loss. He had been giving a link to the website to several bloggers and influencers for the sake of marketing but it all seemed useless. The answer after viewing the website was clear. The website manager was asked to put up relevant information and pictures regarding the products so that the audience can be persuaded. No more than two or three articles were seen on the page. My uncle contacted them and they disagreed to the maintenance of the website. A heavy sum was paid to them and still, there were no results. Instead, they put the whole blame on him. I’m pretty sure that if it was somebody else, he would’ve filed a lawsuit, but my uncle thought he had made the mistake so he didn’t take this case seriously. When he told me about his experience with those guys and how, according to him, his stupidity caused all this, I realized what a big scam this company is. Not only did they steal money from my uncle but they also made him feel guilty of a mistake he hadn’t made. I complained about this issue with Enet Advertising but the staff there didn’t cooperate with me. At first, they claimed that they didn’t know if they had ever worked with my uncle. When I urged them multiple times, they told me that they had worked with my uncle but they can’t do anything about it now.

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