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Published: 14 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Shame on you.I purchased an engine from this company operating under another name at the time of the sale back in June 2014. (they have changed their name several times) I actually called my credit card before the purchase to check for any red flags from this company. They said they didn’t have any info, but was told should I have any problems with merchandise and or services not as described, please file a dispute. Well I paid $1900 for the engine and over $1000 to have the engine installed. It took a while to buy all the accessories for the engine, but I purchased a 3 year warranty so no worries right? Wrong. My mechanic finally assembled all parts on engine noting that 3 broken exhaust studs were in the delivered engine block that took a professional mechanic all day to remove. They cranked the engine with ZERO oil pressure as a result! Then tried again with a mechanical gauge to rule out the electric sender. Still ZERO. I called the warranty manager and he agreed to cover the replacement of the oil pump ($500 with labor). My mechanic faxed the manager the invoice and proceeded with the install. Just a note, I was never compensated for that repair. My mechanic started the engine and it had good oil pressure now, but now has multi-misfire. Now nearly out of money for this project I decided to take it to another mechanic for a second opinion. After bringing him up to speed, he ran a complete check on engine. Coils and injectors were perfect. Compression on 2 and 7 cylinders were low. He said it was valve train related and NOT a head gasket. This includes cam, lifters, pushrods and head valve assembly. it would cost $1100 for labor alone to tear down the engine. Parts and machining will be at least another $1000. The manager asked for invoices. He asked if I wanted to return or repair the engine. This company doesn’t cover labor to pull and ship the engine back or to reinstall it when they send a replacement not to mention all the labor removing accessories. I didn’t want another engine with a whole new set of problems. I asked for repair credit in the amount of the engine. They have’t returned my calls or emails since. I gave them 10 days to respond. They have till tomorrow Friday Nov.7 2014. If I don’t have a credit refund by then I will be filing with my attorney, BBB, my credit card, every review site I can find, local news fraud alerts, YouTube Review Channels and will be producing a documentary about internet fraud/ bait and switch engine sales shops. I agree with the opinion of many others that this company is a bait and switch company. They advertise that they check every engine for oil pressure and compression. Both of these inspections were not performed on the engine they delivered to my mechanic, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this review. Please do your research before you purchase from this company or else you might be out 1000s of dollars like me! .

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