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Published: 18 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This company claims that I opened an account at a Royal Credit Union located in Wisconsin. It was for a two week loan of $300 dollars, and since I had not paid it back, I now owed $935 dollars. I did locate and call Royal Credit Union, and they confirmed that an account was opened and closed around the time of the initial loan in April 2013, but since I am not with the police they could not give me any specifics. These crooks even created a fake employment for me from a company that they said I worked at. West End Ventures 800-240-6480. Located in NY I believe. When you call the number it says that if you would like to speak to me, leave a message! I have never worked there, and keep in mind, I live in New Orleans, have been retired for 10 years now, and have never been to Wisconsin or New York in my life. My wife made me write my SSN on a tax check I paid to the state of Louisiana against my wishes. So how did they get my SSN? Either someone at the bank or the state took it? They call a couple times a week always with an “Unavailable” or “Unavailable 1” or some other hidden phone numbers and leave threating messages. I have recently installed a call blocker and wow does that thing work! One last thing is that they will not give a case docket number or mail anything to you. Maybe because using the mail is a Federal Offence? I would love to see a class action lawsuit against these criminals! .

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