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Published: 18 August 2018

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Don’t believe in Eniva Corporation’s false fairy-tales

If they would have things their way, then Eniva Corporation would have you believe in fairy tales and miracles! Sadly, my friend fell for it and she regrets it till date. My friend tried their Vibe product which is actually a tosh-load of hype. The product initially gave the desired results but later on, it was clear how fruitless the entire exercise was and that too after paying so much money. My friend is still ruing how she paid a handsome amount for something that is not validated or tested! Oh the pang of us health-seekers who are too eager to jump into the next big health gig!

In an online article, an author has unearthed the story behind Vibe, stating that it has a lot of hype. The author also states that Dr. Benjamin Baechler is the founder and scientific advisor to the organization and graduated with an MD from the Minnesota Medical School. This is an inexperienced person without any background or expertise to develop such nutritional wellness miracles. Vibe is a plain vitamin-mineral supplementary product that have some attractive ingredients thrown into the mix. Another shady claim is the special water used for dissolution of nutrients as claimed by Eniva. The entire process, if you read it thoroughly, will be clear as some scientific mumbo-jumbo put together to confuse people. What they basically do is toss in some ingredients with the aim of splashing all those names on the product label. These include several doses of minerals and vitamins which can virtually be found across almost any supplement that is sold across supermarkets and pharmacies. The amounts of these extracts put in are not quite important for these guys. What they basically do is claim that their ingredients are in solution and hence they are absorbed better. However, as medical experts will tell you, this is no big deal. Nothing really comes out of their tall claims. As this author righly voiced our opinions, it’s just a load of hype. Don’t end up paying a lot of money for this stuff. Truth is, it’ll not perform a miracle- nothing really does friends.

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