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Published: 26 December 2019

Posted by: NoPersonalInfo

Another month where my electricty charges are 1/5 my electric bill charges. Enmax advertises $0.068 kwh but when u add in the additional charges it works out to be $0.327/ kwh that”s an increase of about 480%. I assume they do this so they can charge clients that use larger amounts of power less, while spreading that cost to people who use little power. (these fee”s are different depending on the base electricity cost) I am literally paying 4x my electricity usage so large buildings can enjoy cheaper costs. Or you know, so the directors of enmax can enjoy nearly twice the average pay for company directors (174k a year average + average of 50k in additional pay vs. Average of 125k a year for company directors) A company so driven by profits that every person in calgary and surrounding area is enslaved to them. The only other option for electricity is to get it from a company that resells enmax”s energy. That”s right, the only other companies that you can get electricity from is a company that already pays enmax for their electricity. Democracy working real wonderful here. This company deserves nobodies business and literally everyone in this province hooked up to the grid is their [censored]. And they treat their customers that way to, not just my personal experience feel free to google some horror stories. I feel so trapped and extorted that i”m looking at ways to live without being on the grid, and I can pay these bills but I cant stomach how much of my life i”m spending working so enmax can enjoy charging me 5x their advertised price like its nothing. And it gets worse because enmax takes no responsibility for this, and their public relations is to literally treat every customer like we should be eternally grateful that we have no choice or avenue of relief in this regard. Yes we get it, enmax has spent probably millions on analysts and lawyers and representative to spin every single situation to make their company look like the victim despite being a monopoly. The problem with this is since enmax has monopolized the energy industry in alberta so long that any company would be unable to keep up with competition. Enmax has extorted people for so long they could literally half their electricity costs and take massive losses until such a time as any competitor will have gone out of business. This is literally why monopolies are illegal, and they get away with it… I”m so frustrated I wouldn”t even know who to contact? Mla? Mp? Anyone got some information on this? All I am saying is that enmax should be forced to charge their rate one time, and be forced to advertise this cost as such. How enmax is able to advertise $0.068/kwh and add on 4.8 times the cost after this advertised price? And yes, I realize airports do this too but that”s another issue and yes I believe airports should also be forced to include the costs of their business in their advertised price and not try to charge the customer extra at the end of the transaction. The price advertised should be the last price charged. It should be up to the company to figure out their costs and include it in the advertised price, and if I find out which of my local politicians should be addressing this I will be calling them on the daily. And I sincerely hope there are others that will join me.

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