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Published: 19 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Beware of this company!!! If you go online to look at their reviews, you will see that they are very known for nickel and diming its customers to death. You start out with a $3000.00 plus computer software scheduling program for Spa,s medical, hair, nails, salons, massage therapists. Then they charge you a monthly fee of $50 to $75 automatically for 1 year for customer support. You sit on the phone forever waiting for someone to help you. The initial monthly fee was acceptable as you need time to learn how to use their software. Once you have caught on and learned what is takes to manage this software, it is a rip off to continue their service program. You pay big dollars and are treated just like any one calling in that needs help. I decided to cancel the monthly service program as truly I was wasting money for not using it. I am a firm believer to pay for what you get and to pay to learn. I do not feel it is right to pay for a flawed software program. I experienced a glitch in their software program which left me unable to schedule appointments. First time in over 3 years i had a major problem that needed their help. When I explained the problem, they immediately required a credit card payment of $75. i explained that it was due to their software and was told that once the tech people check it out, they would revisit the charge. it took the tech over 1 1/2 hours to find the problem. Here they say it was a change in a daily setting that showed the business closed, so i could not enter the schedule. This has never happened before and I explained that my company hasn’t been open on Wednesdays in 10 years. They went and checked Wednesdays as open from 8am to 8pm. The system then was capable of being entered to schedule. I explained this has never been an issue over the years until now, and this was not something that I did to make the system not work. This is not the first time that something weird has happened to their program. I have licenses for multiple computers and every so often, the computer will not log into their software stating i do not have permission to use the program without contacting the help desk. This has happened 3 times. I was locked out until they were able to send me the registration code to unlock the program. i find that the registration code they send is not the same as the one they previously sent for that computer, making it impossible to use their software until they respond. I really believe that if a company pays over $3000 initially for their software, it should be able to be used without all these problems. The down time and agrevation to myself and the inablility to function as a company dealing with scheduling until they chose to help. I made it very clear, that I had no problem paying to learn, or paying for something that was due to me. But clearly escilated my concern upward to address this issue. The individual who they put me in touch weth, said he would review the problem and get back with me. I got a call back a few hours later and he informed me that since I was not under a service contract, that i would have to pay for the tech to help me. I stated my case and explained that this was a glitch with their software and that i shouldn’t be made to pay to get their program to function. Chris gave me all the prerecorded reasons as to why i had to pay. He even made the comment that this was the first time they heard of this type of problem. i returned comment by saying, this is a great tool for you to be on top of this problem and be able to help people in the future should it happen to someone else. He continues to tell me that if I had a malware problem, locked myself out because I messed up my password, or the system was corrupted by a virus, i would have to pay for them to help fix the problem. I told him this wasn’t due to any of the problems that someone has no control over. This was a computer software problem that made it impossible for me to use the program until they found the glitch. I asked him if this is the way he treats all customers this way for customer service? I gave up, it was a prerecording answer and he wasn’t going to help with great customer service. Remember all the reviews. I should have known as per all the negative reviews. PAY PAY PAY I explained that I was unhappy and that I would be contacting the Rip Off Report to share my experience to everyone. He was fair warned and I recieved no response from anyone else and still got the $75 charge on my credit card. This is a FAIR WARNING to anyone, company, etc, that are looking for a scheduling software to help their business, that ENVISION has a bad reputation of putting money overtop great customer service, with a useable software program. If you want to pay Big Dollars for a program that from time to time has glitches, and if you are not paying them up to $900 a year to have a technical support contract, YOU will be SCREWED!!!!!! Bad company policies and all they want is your money. I have dealt with a lot of companies who have service contracts, and you have to pay as you go if you don’t have a contract with them. But everytime I have gone to major companies with issues related to their software, they research and if it is a problem with there software, they have NEVER chanrged me for those issues. Remember, I stated up front, I am happy to pay for something that I need to learn, or did wrong on my part. They have a defective software program that could not be used due to a glitch, that they themselves stated they have never dealt with before. The original tech couldn’t even find the problem and had to escilate the issue upward. I am totally disgusted with Envision, ennoview company for such bad customer service for their product. I will be telling everyone in my industry about them and doing what I can to make sure they do not make the same mistake I made with going with Envision. .

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