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Want to be treated like a piece of crap? Then come here!

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Published: 08 May 2019

Posted by: Lottie

This is the place that provides you with all the help you need for getting frustrated and going broke. These guys will do everything they can to make you go broke. I went to Ensley Orthodontics for getting my braces off before I reach the 18-month mark. My teeth went from “mad crooked” to “very straight” and I didn\’t want to take any risks. Although some teeth were still not perfectly aligned, I was satisfied with the results. There were some gaps that were visible on my bottom front teeth and I talked to the doctor for his advice on this issue. He told me that no one will be seeing my bottom teeth so I can ignore the gap and live on. This was true but gaps are gaps and I was quite insecure about them. My teeth were a little crooked at the top as well. One of them were overlapping even now because my doctor was TOO LAZY TO FIX THEM. When I asked him about the upper front teeth that were overlapping, he just ignored the question and just took my braces off. He looked really pissed at me because I was asking him questions in front of other customers. As soon as he was done with the braces, he got up and walked away saying,” That is one grumpy lady, I haven’t received a single complaint in my whole damn career”. There were a father and his daughter standing at the door and they gave me a disappointed look. The doctor’s behaviour was very unsettling and rude. I was not paying him money for being rude to me but to STRAIGHTEN MY FREAKING TEETH! The doctor got furious because I requested him to do what he was supposed to do in the first place. The doctor’s assistant chipped off my tooth accidentally and I noticed it when I reached home. I called the clinic and confronted them but they just made excuses and said that it was glue instead of my tooth. IT WAS MY TOOTH DUDE!!! That tooth is still chipped to this day. I went to Ensley Orthodontics because I read some good reviews about them on the internet over at Google and Yelp, however, I didn’t know that they would be THIS BAD. If you want a serious dental clinic then go to a different one man, this is just a waste of time. The staff at Ensley Orthodontics behaves so badly that you will start feeling humiliated and embarrassed by the end of your dental session. The negativity of this place can force you to go into therapy. Getting my braces taken off by the doctors of this place was nothing but a big mistake which cost me thousands of bucks. It is not cool dude. If you can take anything from this post, then it is to AVOID places like Ensley Orthodontics.

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