Entablado Production USA LLC

Entablado Production USA LLC

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Published: 23 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This couple Elaine Crisostom and Katrina Tulabut will lure you to invest on a Concert show. They will take your money and run! | The owner Elaine Crisostomo and her wife Katrina Tulabut presented their production concept and told us we will be producing a concert show. They laid down the cost and profits. And after taking our hard earned money these scam artist took it and ran. So please beware of these couple if you run accross their lies. They will con you to shell out thousands of dollars and run away. My total investment was 15,000 dollars and these people wont pay up and return it. If you check their facebook page they brag about how many cars they have and their shopping sprees and all of this is from our hard earned money! People Beware. They are also operating internationally specially in the Philippines and Dubai. They are wanted in the Philippines for Estafa and Swindeling.

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They took 39 us$ for my personal and financial problem remedy with 1 year refund guarantee but I did not get results in return she started

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This solar company, if you can even call them that, are filled with dishonorable people at the highest level of the business. Ryan Kiarsis


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