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Published: 20 February 2018

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I rented a car from Enterprise Rent A Car on 3-7-14 out of a Maryland branch. When I went to pick up the vehicle I did the normal paperwork and check in process. The first thing that went wrong was they put the wrong vehicle on the paper. They had a Rav4 and instead of reprinting the correct paper with correct vehicle they crossed out the Rav 4 and handwrote the correct vehicle which was a Chrysler 300. Then I walked out with the Enterprise employee as we checked out the car. There was a scuff mark on the underside bottom of the bumper. The employee told me that is condsidered normal wear and tear. Now I have rented vehicles a long time and have pointed out dents, scratches, paint chips, etc…. that all fell under the “normal wear and tear” so the scuff being on the underside bottom of the bumper it made perfect since. Then I do an interior inspection to make sure their wasnt any stains on floors and seats. The Enterprise employee gave me my copy of the paperwork and I was on my way. As soon as I sat in the car and looked at the dashboard, windows, and center consule I saw ashes all over the place. The person before me must have smoked non-stop in the car and then spray perfume or something. I walk back in the building and had the manager look at the ashes then sign the paperwork I had and update the computer because I wasnt going to get charged for smoking in the car. On 3-12-14 I returned the vehicle to the Philadelphia Airport Enterprise Rental Car Branch. As I am getting out of the car I get my paperwork to show them that someone was smoking in the car prior to me. I see the Enterprise employee basically laying their stomach to look under the car. They asked me if I knew about the scuff mark on the bottom of the bumper. I said I did why? They asked if I was in an accident. I said no its a scuff mark on the bottom of the bumper that your other branch said it was normal wear and tear. I go inside to pay for the car and they said they will have to charge the Maryland Branch for the cleaning fee from the smoking and that they wanted me to sign a “typical report” stating what the Maryland Branch told me. The Maryland Branch said the scuff was normal. I asked for a copy of the paper I just signed and they said they couldnt because their copy machine was down. I told them Im not leaving till I get a copy of the paper. They reluctantly gave me the so called original. I paid the fee I was suppose to (after they added a $27 roadside assistance fee that I did want or aske for)and I left. On 4-3-14 almost one month after I rented the car I get a call from Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit. The guy was extremely rude saying that after their investigation between the two Enterprise Branches that they find me liable for the accident. I said I wasnt in an accident that it was a scuff on bottom of the bumper that your Maryland Branch said was normal wear and tear. It was an internal investigation so of course they find me in the wrong. I went round and round with the guy of me saying they said it was normal and him saying Im liable. Then the guy said Im looking at the pictures now and there was impact damage and they will have to replace the whole bumper. They aske if I wanted to pay out of pocket or through insurance. I said Im not paying I wasnt in an accident and your company said it was normal wear and tear. This happened across state lines and now my insurance company is involved. At a minimum this is a scam and shakedown and at most it seems like Interstate Fraud since they are getting the insurance company involved across state lines on something I didnt do. The fight continues and isnt over yet. I just wanted to warn everyone out there to make sure you check under the car for damage and make them write down any and every single thing you see. Also read other reports on this site and many other sites. Most of the complaint in Texas to the AG was about Enterprise Rent A Car. In Cananda they are reporting this as a Scam. Other articles report on how this is one of the main ways Enterprise make their money.

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