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Published: 21 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I deem fraudulent activity (INTERNET FRAUD and GRAND LARCENY) has occurred that affects interstate commerce. My contention is that ENTERTAINMENT with its partners, posted on an internet web site FRAUDULENT “REBATE COUPONS” promising credits of up to $200.00 for a 10 night stay with a note at the bottom of the REBATE coupon, HURRY! THIS OFFER VALID FOR STAYS BOOKED BY Sept 30. 2013, for travel through Nov, 30, 2013 (These dates and times were variable depending on the month) I Charge that ENTERTAINMENT baited and lured potential customers into making reservations that normally would NOT have been made by exploiting BOGUS COUPONS that they had no intention of fulfilling or honoring. In my particular case I in good faith made reservations expecting “REBATE” CREDITS totaling $860.00”; $400.00 from Bank of America, $200 from American Express, and $260.00 from Chase. When the credits did not appear on my credit card statements within the allocated time period my unsuccessful endeavors to collect the rebates began. The many frustrating and tormenting hours both in writing letters to Entertainment.com, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lowell Pokier (attached letter dated 02/10/2014) and just as many hours on the phone with its partners were unproductive which only resulted in further misery and frustration, that is when and why I importuned the Banks for their intervention! Thus disappointing Bank of America advised, “My billing dispute for $400.00 “was handled suitably and all rules and regulations were handled properly” and that I should contact the merchant directly”. I am of the opinion that by placing the entire burden of responsibility on the credit card holder to resolve such disputes even though it is impossible for the card holder to reach the merchant by phone or letter and all efforts to unite with merchant are futile I can only conclude that when your powers to be are aware and have full knowledge that this is a not an isolated but frequent event the only rational presumption I can arrive at is that Bank of America rules and policies protect merchants and gift them carte blanche to commit crime by nurturing and supporting a conduit to perpetuate deceptive INTERNET FRAUD and GRAND LARCENY. If the Bank is not part of the solution it’s part of the problem. And it is a BIG PROBLEM when a trusting card holder gets scammed and has to go through torment to obtain accountability. Regarding Bank of America I have filed a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and I am eager for The Michigan Department of the Attorney General to obtain accountability for me regarding Entertainment.com, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lowell Pokier .

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