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Published: 07 February 2018

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I have been Customer of ESP( Environmental Systems Products, Inc) now days , Opus inspection, Well Besides that the service time to repair the Machine for which the service contract is ( $ 1260.00 every 3 months) The service over the phone is bad, no supervisor to talk to, When I get the call back from him, no solutions done, My problem now is since a year ago, is they have created 2 accounts, where they send me 2 invoices, I try to get service they said I am behind my payments, they have change, the day of my payments to 2 months before my contract is over I am have paid until 12/31/2014, and they all ready send me a bill due 11/11/2014, and doesn’t even say the time of coverage i will be paying for, Worst they Sold me a Machine they said is a Lift BenPack, When arrives is not what I order, but they convinced me that will do the work better then what I choose, lift have no brand, 9,000 lbs lift 3 months later motor when bad, could lift a corolla, they try to blame my electrical circuit, I have a 15 year old , arrow lift, next to it, ( works like new), they put another motor, 6 months later same thing, now 3 years have past I still waiting for the repair, I talked to a supervisor he came over personally, when I talked to him seems like I am talking to some that is thinking over a trip to disney ? And he blames it on the new Change of Company Opus Insection, I don’t know who to Talk to , Consumer have BAR for their problems to report , Who Do WE Have ??? We loose Money, Time, and worst thing to me I can’t sleep, beacause I know this become a Problem to my health, I fight no to get depressed, But this business make me sick and they make their money easy My machine broke after 4 months, because i take care of it, Now the technitian come and fix something machine star braking for some thing new that never did before I am stuck with the worst technition, 1 time dyno wouldnt work, 10 days 10 order parts, came try one, no didnt work, try another no didnt work, try 3rd one didn’t work he call over the phone 1 hour later another tech shows up, 20 minutes I heard he said power unit, and look at him like What are you doing ? he told me he messed up, imagine that ? 10 days, and i saw customer going away at least $1500 of lost plus any repairs that i could have done…NO PROTECT US AGAINST COMPANIES LIKE THIS, I DONT WANT TO TAKE THEM TO COURT OR NOTHING LIKE THAT , I will like a Department of California EPA, give them a call and Pull their ears, And tell them if they don’t want to Help a Business to run smooth and do what their ar pay for , them they need to get out of California and fix soda machines!! I dont know how many people have the same problem.

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