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Published: 09 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I responded to a craigslist Ad, thinking it would give me the career of a life time. Marketing for Verizon Wireless, and the top fortune 500 companies. Boy was I wrong. When first arriving to the office, I arrived with a bunch of people who all cramed into the same tight elevator in a building in Times SQ. The 5 of us all were going up to the 5th floor. That was my first moment of wondering this is too good to be true. The second we arrive, there are no signs indicating where to go, only a door that says “entrance”. When I entered the office, 20 other people were there filling out personality test forms, and being interviewed for the same job. The office was small, about 4 offices. I was waiting an hour before being seen by a lady named Hannah. Her and I hit it off, the interview went well. However she forgot to mention that I would have to stay the next day for the duration of 7 hours without pay. She had said that someone will contact me by 5pm the day of the interview to let me know if I made it to the second interview. By 4 pm I had recieved a phone call saying to bring in another copy of my resume, and that instead of the times 12pm-8pm to be free, that I would have to come in and stay for that duration of time. After hearing this, and them saying that it is an interview. I will not be attending. I went home did research and found that many people are being duped by this company. They offer lies and false promises as everyone else has stated on the net. I’m not mad that I fell for their con, I expected it to be one since the ad they posted on craigslist, and are located in con central otherwise known as Times Sq. I wlll not be attending the second interview. I hope you don’t either.

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