eQuip Enterprises LLC

eQuip Enterprises LLC

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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This is a 1099 independent contractor, straight commission job. Failure rate of salesmen who start with them is 80%+, so that is the foundation you are supposed to “build your own business” on. Entire eQuip system is rigged in company’s favor. They control their own CRM system, and can and will go into your personal account at any time. If they decide to terminate you, valid reason or not, everything you have in the pipeline becomes company property, and you won’t get paid when it sells. They can and do put competing salesmen in your territory at any time and don’t inform you. Sales cycle is long; from prospecting to sale to commission collected usually is months. Be able to support yourself for 3-6 months before you are making a living. | Training program is a farce. This is a complex sales system involving high dollar tickets and a thorough knowledge of market values of heavy equipment. It’s not something you pick up in a skimpy video course study and a couple of conference calls, and pressure to produce is put on you two weeks after you start working. I became convinced this is to set up them up to fire you for not producing. My guess is maybe 5% of all salesmen make quota in any week. | 95% of your company sales support comes from your regional sales manager, and mine was my biggest impediment, not my biggest asset. I caught him in numerous lies, and he would just continue to deny his dishonesty, going so far as to fabricate false emails that I saw right through. He was consistently unreliable; he constantly promised and committed to do things for me that he never intended to do. There may be good regional managers, but mine was the most inept, clueless, dishonest manager I ever dealt with. His favorite technique was to make any difference of opinion a personal attack on him, creating a motivation by fear you wouldn’t get what you need because he didn’t like you or you weren’t worth it. With as much as there is to learn in this system, if your manager doesn’t support you, you’re doomed. | I finally exploded and went directly to the company owner. He’s a nice enough guy on the phone, but he turned out to be full of promises with no follow through and unmet commitments. He offered me a cockeyed, unorthodox working arrangement, but wouldn’t send me standard form contract detailing it. I realized in the end he was just trying to get potential listings–about $1,000,000 worth–I had in the pipeline. That’s when I quit. I had zero trust I would see the day when I would get paid when those listings were sold. | eQuip is growing fast, but not on the shoulders of giants. It is on the dead bodies of salespeople who sign on because they want to make a living income but are confronted with an uphill climb from the beginning. They have gone through 500 sales reps, so sure some have made it, but as part of a constantly changing herd you are expected to fail. That’s why they make no direct investment in you. They spend their money on hiring your replacement, and you are still working hard (but certainly not smart) to make a success of yourself. Proceed at your own risk.

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