Equis Financial, Inc.

Equis Financial, Inc.

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Published: 25 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company is incapable of telling the truth. I’ve been affiliated with Equis for just over a year and we, their agents, are beginning to understand that everything they tell us is a lie. I got lured away from another company to join Equis but everything they promised me wasn’t true. I was perfectly happy, even had a few points higher commission, but bought their false promises. | They systematically train their people to lie. I was instructed to lie about the company’s numbers from my manager to make Equis look better than it is. They say they are a $100 million agency, and we all knew it wasn’t true. Maybe they just thought I was stupid. I’m one of the few women there, so maybe that’s it. The numbers just didn’t add up, not even close. When we confronted the upper management about this, they say $100 million is their goal, so that makes them a $100 million agency. Can somebody explain that one so it makes sense??? They say they are the biggest agency in the country but they aren’t even close to leading the insurance companies we sell so how could we be the biggest??? All you have to do is call the insurance companies and ask about the numbers. So embarrassing to have a new recruit catch you in your own companies lies!!! | I’m appalled that I fell for their BS. First thing, I’ve lost agents I recruited to other Equis people for higher commissions. They will offer anything to anyone to get someone and there is nothing the company will do to protect you from other people offering more. If you call 5 different managers, you’ll get offered 5 different commissions. Second, they are demeaning to agents, saying “I cant stand salespeople” over and over. Who says things like that about their salespeople? And this is from the CEO!!! And they call themselves the “Agent company”. I guess if you lie enough about something you start to believe it yourself. | Don’t be a victim of this company like so many of us that have fallen for it. You get different answers from upper management about things and then they change their story over and over again. Bill Martin and Barry Clarkson have lied so many times on conference calls and they must think we are all stupid. They have the nerve to continually talk about integrity. Anyone that has to remind you of their integrity every chance they get doesn’t have any. | Equis has some serious problems. I’m not sure all of what’s going on but they announced they had to fire some managers for illegal things and nobody can get a straight answer from anyone. I find it hilarious that they claim THEY fired someone for illegal behavior when their own behavior is so dishonest. They even admitted on a company call that the insurance companies MADE them fire them. They didn’t even want to!! | It’s obvious they have some serious issues going on and they are trying to cover things up. The stories keep changing so I felt like someone needed to get the word out on these crooks. | Stay as far away from Equis as you can get! Totally dishonest company with totally dishonest management.

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