- The Biggest Scam

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Published: 27 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously is the biggest scam. Its unbelievable that something like this actually exists. I am embarrassed to even say that I fell for this and now I will tell you story with the great I can’t believe I got fooled by them. So basically, this whole story starts a week back when my sister and wife wanted to sell my vintage car. A car I absolutely love. And it has been with me since I the last 10 years… and its been my dream car since I was a kid. So, they found where they auction vehicles and online itself you can see the bids placed. They offered to pick up the car as it was really far from our place. Which then I didn’t suspect at all I was very grateful. They started the auctioning my car and the bids on it were really high we were all very happy to see this. I really needed the money … I did not release they didn’t put my mane as the owner but put their own name. after bidding for some time, the highest bidder was presented with the car. And they promised to send us the money within a week. Today it has been exactly 9 days. There is no sign of the money. The staff doesn’t take our calls … neither does it reply to our mails. Today I have decided to visit their so-called office. I took off from work for this … today I will visit your office if it exists yes I am coming to claim my money back and I promise you I will take it from you… try to stop me and you will see what all I can do. This is what you do to a common man… play with their emotions now you see what I will do.

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