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Published: 06 February 2019

Posted by: Richard

These young entrepreneurs are not a legitimate business and are set up to look as if they are interested in your product or patent for investing. They try to make their “initial offer” look legitimate. However, they DO NOT invest any money into your company…only their time. They so called “investor” who was apparently not affiliated in the company has told me he was working for the company. These guys are liars and scammers and are not transparent about what they do.

They scam patent and business owners into trying to partner together and charge them a $8,000-20,000 fee.

After 3 days of fake conversations, emails, and phone calls with these nonprofessionals they tried to pressure my business partners into making a decision on the phone. BE CAREFUL- these guys most likely record the calls and try to pressure you into accepting their fake terms so you can give up control of your company or give them authority to act on behalf of your company when really all their trying to do is take your company from you.

Extremely shady and try to scam you in every possible way to try and see how capable you are to sue them if they were to take your product and put out to market without you..Their not so smart in how they operate and are bound to get sued. In my case, I had them sign two Non-Disclosures and I will have my Attorney do thorough investigation of what just happened. Their offer letter is a joke as well claiming to offer you an A,B, & C choice…of which non actually them investing in your company. They offer to provide services worth of tens-thousands of dollars when in reality they have no proof of what products they actually got to market. Be warned- if you already had interactions with them or sent them any information..get ready to take them to court. We certainly are.

Idea Buyer LLC claims to be comparable to Shark Tank. Once they lure you in by raving about what a fantastic idea you have and all the ways it is destined to work, you’ll pay $1000 just to talk to the CEO Eric Corl over the phone, who with dollar signs in his eyes will again rave about how genius your idea is and how he just can’t wait to see the finished product.

They quickly want the remaining $6500 to “hurry the process” before anyone else jumps on it. Once they have the full payment and you sign their contract youre screwed. Communication standards are low. We’re talking low motivation, low enthusiasm, slow moving to get you any kind of results which looking back over the 10 month period, which was suppose to take 6, the results were never really results but just giving us the run around for God knows what reason. In the end they just end up telling you that if you have the funds to pull it all off then theyre happy for you but if that was the case we wouldn’t have hired them with the intent of giving them 15% of all future profits.

We looked into their local BBB at the time and they had a great score. But after suspicions arose we checked again and they were at a D-. We checked again a few months later and they were back at an A standing. Come to find out BBB is all about how much the company is paying into them, not about the consumers well being.

If you already have a lot of money to play with you might give it a try if nothing else for sole entertainment. We, however, are raising a family and now have about 4 years left to make monthly payments of about $200 per month, which as any family knows is not an easy feate.

Its unfortunate that Ari Macellino hooked us like this, most likely to make his monthly quota. But I sure wouldn’t want to put anyone else thorugh this hell. Building someone up that much just to tear them down this low is just asking for Karma to bite them in the butt. Anyone so consumed with making money that they are willing to cause this kind of turmoil in families are less than human.

Here are some of the critical reviews which were we compiled from various websites. Some of them were of course removed by Idea Buyer, but they were all archived.


The Internet Never Forgets !


I patented an invention and applied to get on Shark Tank. There must be a link between Shark Tank and Idea Buyer because I got a call from a Mike Corradini in Calif., an assoc. with Idea Buyer. He told me my idea was “an exclusive class of selected products” and wanted to work with me to get this to market. He outlined a long list of objectives that they would do to this end and wanted to get started immediately. He requested 10,000 dollars and a 15 % cut of profits.

I made a prototype and took it to the Idea Buyer facility in Dublin Ohio. I demonstrated it to their crew including Idea Buyer president, Eric Corl. It did everything I said it would do and Eric told me they wanted to promote it and bring it to market.

I asked and was told that it would be on the market in 6 months. I wrote the check. That was 9 months ago. To date all I have received is a logo, a product name, and a positive Market report. I think this could all be done within a week or two. I can’t say I have been scammed yet however I am very disappointed with the amount of time this has taken. There is so much further to go. If this drags on past 15 months, I’ll know it is a scam…..Stay tuned.


Review 2 – Idea Buyer is 100% Fraud
They advertise as experienced and deliver inexperience. They advertise as professional and are 100% unprofessional.They will promise you that your product will be on store shelves in”about” 6 months and have you sign a 2 year contract. Once they receive your money, you will be strung along with incompetence,inexperience, and immorally unprofessional results that are passed off as contract deliverables, or until your contract expires. If you have been cheated by them. Contact the Ohio Attorney Generals Office through their 800 number online or email them online. Ask that your complaint be kept there, otherwise, it will end up at the BBB. Tell them you have already been to the BBB, or you will waste months with the same results. Nothing usable. They are currently helping me and other cheated customers. Now is the time to contact them! We all need to unite through the Ohio Attorney Generals Office. Now is the time for action and you chance for your voice to be heard! If you have been cheated by these scammers contact the Ohio Attorney generals Office Now. They are listening and helping many others now.


Review 3 – Idea Buyer and All Employees are now being sued under a Class action suit.
Finally! Legal Help for All! As of today. Ideabuyer,LLc/ and all its employees are being sued under a Class action suit in Federal court. If you have been harmed/scammed/ got the run around by them, and have been financially victimized by them. You need to contact Connick Law,LLc . Gary Vick is awaiting your call at 216-750-8666 or email him at, [email protected] . Or contact the main firm at 216-364-0512, or email them at, They can and will help you! I started the suit to help all cheated customers, and you need to join in and help take these crooks down! After over a decade of preying on inventors, there is now Legal Help for all!!! Give Connick Law a call or email today!! Don’t be a victim any longer!!


Review 4 – High pressure and rude
I was contacted several times regarding my invention. The person who called me was loud and obnoxious. He was immediately trying to set up a conference call with his boss who he said loved my idea. I asked specifics of what he liked and he beat around the bush. I was asked to commit to $8-$10k before the conference call would take place. I said absolutely not during the last phone call. I said respectfully that this is a business model that I could not commit to and I didn’t want to accidentally make any sort of legally binding statement over the phone. I said that I would not make any decisions while pressured or being put on the spot. I would gladly have the conference call, but would not make a decision during the meeting. I was then told that I need them, they don’t need me, was talked over, and belittled. I never went through with anything, so I cannot say if they are legit or not. My internal scam alarm was turned up to 11 on the dial though


Review 5 – Great Salesmen – That’s it
It seems I had the same experience as many other. I hardly sent them any information and was already told they liked my idea. They say they will pitch the idea to their team. I asked simple questions any team would research before jumping into an idea, and it was apparent they didn’t do any research into the idea. To be honest, I don’t think they pitched the idea at all. Guaranteed if you submit an idea they will “like” it. Once they get your money they win. They have your money and on to the next. Why would they really care if your project works unless it is the next Uber or Google, which lets be honest, it is not. Its a numbers game. Once they get your money, its on to the next sucker. They already made their profit whether your idea is created or not. I hate to bash them because my rep did seem cool. He was a good salesman. But if anyone truly likes your idea they will not ask for money up-front, they will want real equity. It seems they prefer quantity over quality. All I can say is do your research and don’t just jump into anything, especially when it comes to $1000s. There are no short cuts. Building a business takes time and patience. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. I hate bashing anyone or any business because I am a capitalist, but I believe in an honest living.


Review 6 – Fakes! Frauds! Deceitful!
I submitted a idea to a Idea Buyer and received a call from Ari Macellino a couple days after. He was polite and enthusiastic about my idea. He got right to the point, saying that he would like to learn more about my idea so he could pitch it to his team, however Ari said I would need at least $10,000 a $15,000 so they could get it patented and then licensed to a manufacturer. I stated that I didn’t have that kind of money. He suggested finding an investor and Ari said he would be glad to explain the plans to him. I said that I might consider it. Ari said he was going to send me email regarding the plan. I haven’t seen anything yet and I am glad that I didn’t disclose anything to him as I have been through the similar fleece job by Invention Submission Corp. Beware and do research on anyone before you disclose anything or pay out your hard earned money to crooks!



Here’s the fun part. Idea Buyer LLC has signed up with Ripoff Report and paid them to become a Verified Company under a Corporate Advocacy Program. It costs a lost, it does. Then Idea Buyer LLC simply turns around, impersonates Ripoff Report and files bogus DMCAs in their name.

So as a matter of fairness, and completely using the fair use policy, here are some of the excerpts from all the complaint that Idea Buyer LLC tried to remove –


And for some reason, Idea Buyer LLC does not want to exist. We are trying to get in touch with them to find out more about whats happening.


As for legal actions against Idea Buyer LLC, we will ensure that the media, the relevant complaint websites and all parties involved are informed of what happened. 





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