Eric K. Diner MD

A degenerate human being who has no idea about anything

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Published: 26 June 2019

Posted by: Charlotte

I had visited the clinic of Dr. Eric Diner for kidney stones. I ended up with damage to my kidneys and the problem of urinary retention. If you don’t know that is, then google it. In simple words, I can’t empty my bladder completely which can lead to a lot of complications for me in the future. I’m always afraid that my kidneys might fail any day. I’m always scared that I might develop cancer or some other disease because I can’t urinate properly! This guy destroyed my health and my life through his idiotic work. He is crappy. He isn’t a good surgeon or a good doctor. No, he isn’t even bad. He’s the worst. His botched surgery damaged my urinary tract so bad, that I developed the problem of urinary retention. I had visited his clinic just because of a kidney stone and I’m paying a big price for that mistake. One of my friends, who I no longer talk to, had recommended me, Dr. Diner. According to her, this guy was amazing, he was nice, caring and everything you’d expect in your doctor. But the reality is much different from her explanation of this guy. He isn’t sweet. He isn’t caring either. I wonder how he’s running a clinic. There must be a handful of other botched treatments too, at least. I don’t think I’m the only victim of this negligent and careless surgeon.

I had undergone surgery for getting my kidney stone removed. I trusted my friend for the recommendation and I trusted this asshole for my treatment. I didn’t think he’d be this pathetic. After the surgery was completed, I had to stay there for a few days. The experience wasn’t bad at all. There was some pain in my abdomen but Dr. Diner told me that it was common. He told me that the pain was because of the surgery after all an entire stone was removed from my kidney. He had told me that the pain would go away with time. But it didn’t. After a few weeks, I started feeling as if I wasn’t urinating properly. I had just undergone surgery so I was pretty scared. I was lucky that Dr. Diner wasn’t in the town so I had to visit another doctor. He checked my symptoms, ran some tests and told me that I had urinary retention. My bladder kept some urine in it and it wasn’t emptying properly. My urges for peeing were reduced and I got really scared. Holding urine in your bladder for a long time can be really dangerous. I found out that it must’ve been the result of his messed up surgical procedure. Like I told you earlier, I live in constant fear now. My life is completely messed up. I’m like a ticking time bomb. I don’t know if my bladder has been rotting with that urine. And it’s all because of this moron.

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