Eric Noveshen

Eric Noveshen

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Published: 29 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Headline: Eric Noveshen and his company Envision Capital are finance FRAUDS! Do Business at your own Risk! Do Not Invest Money in this individual’s penny sock fraud companies – all Pump-n-Dump Scams! Do not hire him to infuse your company with needed cash .. He never delivers. he can’t prove otherwise. | Eric Noveshen, Envision Capital, HR Ventures, Bridgewater Capital and Bridgewater Advisors– when a finance guy hides behind so many names, first clue he’s not Mr Legit. | Eric Noveshen claims he is a Fort Lauderdale deal finder, funds companies writes quarterlies, takes companies public. His real title – Thief! | 1- He and his buddy Ajene Watson run pump-n dump penny stock scams – PNOW, BMNI, SMEV, EDWY, & others now and past. | It’s illegal to the bone. But they get away with it case their dumps usually steal under 4-million to stay under radar Of prosecutors. Noveshens pump and dumps prey on elderly or older people. Kiss your retirement goodbye!! | 2– When that’s over they try to sabotage the company so they can take it over – point to SMEV sucked the life out of the company just so he could atept a take over. Do not take investment advice from this man he will try to befriend you then ask for 20-50k to invest. | 3 — His latest victim is a company Multiply INC. He talked them into buying a health care company but the real plan was for Noveshen to get his hands on the assets – confidential information that he stole from Multaply when they discovered Novesy’s plot to sabotage the company started months ago!!!! Noveshen gets in the door, plays nice kisses a*s steals then starts sabatoge tactics so he and buddies could take it over. | 4. His othervictim companies- Golden Patriot, Encompass Holdings and Hollund Marine Industrial in Wash. state. | If you want more information call Boca, Florida based securities attorney Brenda Hamilton – she tried to save a company – Florida Micro that Noveshen drove to the ground. He took it public drained and walked away. | Legit hedge funds won’t do business with him. he lies, promises he can raise millions but can’t deliver. | If you value your money and time don’t work with financial wreck Eric Noveshen or any of his companies. And if your parents are seniors steer them clear of his too good to be true penny stock scams. | More info

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