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Published: 13 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This landlord, who rents with contracts under his wife’s name, will rip you off. He will invent anything to not return the security deposit. He is unresponsive and is unprofessional. He will act nice to you and as if he is a “”good guy””, but he’s not. He lies to get you to sign a lease agreement, and then will leave you high and dry not backing up his empty commments. He tries to get people to pay their rent in cash – no paper trail. Then when you move out, he will claim you didn’t pay rent on time which is a way for him to charge you late fees and keep your security deposit. Even if you pay with check, he will find a way to rip you off. All you have to do is google his first and last name and Medina, Ohio, and you will see the number of lawsuits and legal trouble he’s found himself in and arrested for – most despicable being arrested for beating up his ex-wife very badly. He claims he’s an attorney, but he is not. He is not allowed to be one due to his character. He doesn’t do rental applications, background checks, criminal checks. Nothing. Because he is a criminal. Be smart and do not rent from Erin/Beth Cureton. .

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