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Published: 19 September 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

In late January 2015 I had dealings w/ Ernie due to purchasing a home that he was selling for his daughter. This was my first time purchasing a home; however, when/if the time comes again I will have my radar turned way up so to hopefully detect any shady and unfair actions. This is because of how I was personally treated by Ernie. Our initial encounter was fine, he was nice and pleasurable when i viewed the home w/ him. Problems started to arise when things were being negotiated. Things then got worse…so much so that I corresponded w/ him via my realtor only. Ernie suggested this after he became upset w/ me for bringing to his attention his severely poor costumer service and realtor skills. Honestly I was perfectly find not corresponding w/ him directly because at this point he was showing his true colors and I did not want to deal w/ that. The following are a few things I expereinced while dealing w/ Ernie: timely responce to time sensitive matters only when it benefitted him. I would have to say please respond by a specific day/time or I will walk away to get him to respend most times. Trash and other hazardous debris (i.e. roofing nails, multiple pieces of shingles, mounds of leaves and rotting wood) in driveway and in front/side of house). There was also approximately 6 empty paint cans left in the storage shed and I had to remind him more than once to remove personal items from the attic and bulky debris left on the side of the house. I asked him not to fill up my trash bins w/ his personal trash, but he did so anyway causing me an inconvenience on trash day. My main concern is the “repairs” that were done that I have been finding since moving in. The dishwasher was hooked up incorrectly causing a steady leak under the sink; that was found in time for me to bring to him. He repaired it, but not willingly. We had to go back and forth and I informed him that a licensed professional had to do the repair b/c what was done was “patched up”…in my opinion just long enough to sell the house. I was getting $90 waterbills monthly for a household of 2 ppl. This was because all 3 toilets needed repair and 2/3 were constanly running/leaking. I heard the words “patched up” again from the plumber that fixed the toilets. The list can go on and on w/ some things being more minute than others but the most recent was a doozie and a bit scary. The ceiling fan in my son’s room was “patched up” and improperly installed. It begin to come apart from the ceiling and dangle. When I got it properly installed I was told whatever box or connection (don’t know the technical name) that was used for the ceiling fan was supposed to be for something like a light fixture and not for a heavy ceiling fan. I was told it was moments away from falling, which could have possibly been on my son being that his bed is directly under the ceiling fan. This is unacceptabe. I decided a while ago to just let it go b/c there was nothing I could do about this seemingly ongoing horrible situation. However with the recent botched ceiling fan incident I decided I could at least let all those who are thinking about or working w/ Ernie Behrle know my experiences with him. Also I am encouraging others to report whatever experiences you have w/ him and others like him so that no other homebuyer has to possibly encounter a similar situation. In my opinion Ernie is manipulative and attempts to be very controlling. He talks a lot to say very little. He doesn’t like to commit to anything especially if it’s not in his favor to do so. There was a lot of should, possibly or maybe coming from him, but he wanted definite answers. I hope this helps any and all who reads it.

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