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Published: 14 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Warning to all who are considering or currently using Eros Entertainment for their ads. I have been a loyal and happy customer of Eros on and off for a total over 8yrs from 2003 until now, March 13th-May 16th, 2016. Until now I had nothing but excellent service and customer service from all that I’d dealt with from Eros. I was very happy to work with such a respectful and professional team. I guess a lot has changed since my hiatus from 2010-2016. | Two weeks ago on a friday after hours I went to log into my ad builder account that lets me manage my ad and it was frozen denying me access. Because their call center is closed on the weekends I had to wait until Monday to call to find out why. I desperately needed to post a visiting ad in another city as things had dried out due to the season where I was currently at and I was paying hotel costs. When I finally reached the support staff at Eros they said my account had been frozen. Baffled as to why since my ad hadn’t changed in content in the two months since it was first approved. They said that since my ad account is linked to another (eros user) account that was “in question”, that has since been banned for reasons they refused to say, my account is inevitably frozen by association! My head was spinning in total confusion and all I could blurt out was “what does that mean?”, “I have no knowledge of another account”, “how am I linked to this account?”, “I gave no censent for another person to use my info, photos or name in their account”, “can we fix this mix-up?”. The Woman on the phone from Eros said she was a supervisor and her response was that their legal team doesn’t freeze account indefinately lightly and that they can no longer do business with me!!! The blood drained from my head, panic set in, my heart started racing as I started to plead with her that I’m innocent and have nothing to do with this and I’m traveling and I need to make just a bit more $ for my down payment and pay my hotel and flight costs etc! That I’ve been a rule abiding customer of theirs since 2003 when they were small and was one of the many young women who loyally paid them thousands over the years!!! Her voice was cold as she just said she wished me luck… Are you crazy lady?!! You just murdered my main source of income and banned me for life and I’ve no way of fininshing paying off my condo downpayment and travel costs and bills!!!!! | I thought for sure they made some kind of mistake as all I ever did on Eros was make a classy appropriate ad and pay for it like everyone else does… Why am I being punished like a criminal as if I was in the wrong to never be allowed to post on Eros again (they require a government photo ID with a full face shot and you pay for your ads with a CC and I can’t afford or get new photos while traveling and now out of $). I was devestated and still am. I couldn’t eat or sleep for a few days and cried my eyes out in fear, and genuine hurt for being thrown out by eros like trash with a slap in the face after years of business with little or no compassion or any real explanation which they say compromises their security… I’m still sick to my stomach and only now a little over this mass depression and helplessness to have contacted a legal firm for a free consultation. If anything I do not want this to happen to another innocent girl whos as hard working and honest as I am. The very last person this should’ve happened to. Eros is the biggest most influential site that gets the most traffic which makes this very devestating. I had major plans to pay off my condo in 4yrs, now that’s gone as well as all the lost opportunities. | Eros does’t care and doesn’t protect their honest and innocent customers AT ALL. It’s astounding that they are so vidgulent about ad content as far as no genital nudity in the photos, no inappropriate written content and no trade marked brands, no one under age, yet someone with a bad ad that gets banned can take me down too just by lifting a photo, or putting my name, email addess or site address in their ad without my knowledge and I go down with them to where I’m now banned for life???!!!!! Does that make sense to anyone? All they care about is protecting themselves from legal action from illegal ad content. I bacically got a good F-U and kick in the face from them. You would think they’d want to keep my very highend and classy ad and the $ I was paying them… But I hear they’ve gotten so big with other stuff they are doing, that they just don;t care about the feew people they feel they have to anally let go. Read the other bad reports on them and you will soon get a good picture on what a selfish and uncarring monopoly they’ve become… All I can say is Karma has a way of evening things out, especially when it happens to good people. I urge everyone to speak out against injustice, especially to women in this business. We aren’t just a $ sign or a trashy person. We have lives and goals and hardships like anyone else. I am educated and caring and I had real goals that were good ones and this company that was so vital to me just doesn’t see that and I’m a nobody to them. There’s always another girl who will sign up oblivious that a total stranger can’t one day soon take her out -forever… | Broken hearted, lost, but a fighter and I’m not done fighting for whats right.

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