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Published: 14 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

To cut a long story short, back in 2011 Student Loans Company apparently sent me a letter to defer my loan, something I have done every year. The letter NEVER arrived, never. Before I know it I was slapped with a £1700 fine on my student loan! I fought tooth and nail about the letter not arriving, all they did is hide behind the T&C’s which did not apply to this case as the letter DID NOT arrive. I also pushed for them to prove it had arrived, they couldn’t. I pushed for them to explain how they could justify such a huge fine and that were purposely setting out to get people further into debt, they couldn’t explain besides some poor excuse that it had been decided at a meeting once a year. This went on for a year all while the debt reminded. Then…last year Erudio bought the debt of students as part of reducing the national debt. Student Loans were very happy to inform me that it was not their problem anymore. I picked up the phone and explained what happened to Erudio, to which I was informed I would get a response. This was in March 2014, but I heard nothing back. I picked up the phone again in June only to be told they haven’t got any information about this complaint, so they took it down again, and told me that it would take a further 8 weeks to get a response. In the mean time I get a letter telling me that I was in arrears with my loans! Even though I deferred twice. It then turns out Erudio had split my debt into two, pushing my debt into arrears. I then sent them the following email: 6319462220019702 and 6319462220019696 EK To Whom This May Concern, I am writing to express my utter disgust with your current handling of my loan. Student Loan Company were bad, at least there were consistent. On the other hand dealing with you takes it to whole new level of disorganization, lack of consistent process and utter stress! Understand that I spent two+ years fighting my case with the student loans and will do the same with you. Currently your whole structure and communication process shows a company that doesn’t know and can’t find it head from it tail! I will break it down for you bit by bit! I rung you and spoke to someone called Hesh and raised a complaint about the £1700 that I was fighting student loans company about, which was added to my account after they claimed that I didn’t defer or respond to the letter of deferment. The case number is 15418280. After two years of my proving my case to be the truth, that their letter never arrived for me to defer, and proving their weak case to have no merit; you bought the debt and they washed their hands from it! I called you to inform you of it. Hesh informed me that I would get a response within 7 days. I did get written confirmation you were dealing with it. Which now you can’t find, surprise surprise, which means you can charge me, strange how that happens! In the meantime I sent in my deferment forms only for you to claim that you didn’t receive them so I have to do it again. This time I took photos of them just to be sure that this was the case. I sent them off on the 28/07/2014. I then receive a letter stating that was not sufficient evidence that I am currently under the thresh hold. I send you a copy of my accounted statement, not good enough? A letter from an accountant with the registered company, address and statement. But still not good enough. I send you my application and what I filed with the HMRC with ink signature, not good enough. I send you a letter from HMRC. A waste of valuable time. In the mean time I speak to Sam about all this, who was very polite but clearly his hands were tied with what he could do. He puts one of the accounts on freeze for 30 days while I submit my HMRC letter. He informs me that it doesn’t take 7 days to get a response about a complaint, it takes 8 weeks. Even thought I rang in June, still the 8 weeks were up and nothing! Finally I get a letter telling me that my loan has been deferred. Except, I am in arrears for an amount that I have never seen or heard. I call and speak to Sadia. Sadia spends 10 to 15mins tracking everything down only to inform me that she couldn’t find the complaint at all. There was NO notification of this to me, no communication! The only time I hear of a strange amount and that I am in arrears was when I got the deferment letter telling me that I am behind which is a blatant tactic to extort money out of me. Account 6319462220019702. Again Sadia as pleasant as she was offered very few answers and then informs me I am in arrears on my other account. How can that be, I sent in all the information to defer the accounts. Apparently the information needs to be sent in again for the other accounts, which expires in 11 days. The same information cannot be used twice and must be sent in again, again a waste of time. I am the SAME person. She tells me that account is in arrears too for around £1350 account 6319462220019696. Where has amount come from? hhhmmm did you take the £1700 and split it across the accounts? That is unethical and again a blatant tactic to extort money from me. The false claim that I owe £1700 relates to one account and one account only! What gives you the right to suddenly spilt it? Unless you want to create a situation where I am in arrears and you can come after me, which is exactly what you have done which is illegal. Then yesterday I get home to find that you have sent me even more letters, all sent on the 26th of September: One stating that I need to send you a break down of my income even though that account was deferred and to make you an offer of payment. One stating that repayment is due to expire; all the while the day before you sent me a letter telling me that account was deferred. It is clear what you are doing here, it’s simple bully boy tactics that credit agencies use, create confusion and stress, then get the person to call and agree to make a payment even though they are entitled to a deferment and have proven so, also you are setting people up to fail and fall into further debt. I demand this gets addressed and I get a response from a manager within 5 working days or I will take this to watchdog and the ombudsman! I will not go through the stress again that The Student Loans put me through and you are appearing much worse than them. I demand an answer in regards to £1700 and I want that wiped of the account. I demand to know who and why you felt you could spilt that amount to create a case that I was in arrears with it? Which is setting me up! I demand to know why when I was granted a deferment you then tell me to make a payment proposal? I demand to know why your process of deferment took so long even though all along the way I have submitted things on time? I demand to know why no one informed me that you couldn’t find the complaint about £1700 which then allowed the account to fall behind for you to charge? I demand an answer to all the above! Do not under estimate how far I will go with this! Kind Regards End of Email From there onwards Erudio have gone back to Student Loans only to be sent back the same excuses they sent me, Erudio now inform me that they have all they can and will not be taking this further which is a disgrace!!!!!!! But in the mean time have offered me a chq of £72, which I have not cashed, and £50 for efforts! More like here is £50 and please go away. I just want the £1700+ debt removed, that’s all. The letter NEVER arrived! No is taking responsibility! This has gone on for long enough and too many years!

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