Escape Room Pittsburgh

Impossible puzzle and ridiculous staff

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Published: 11 September 2019

Posted by: Jim Robertson

An Escape room opens up a world of mystery, for the ones seeking a thrilling adventure, just to unravel a conundrum. Escape room Pittsburgh is a riddle that’ just not worth it. You end up chasing after the clues and putting the pieces of a puzzle together which makes no sense. I had no plans in particular for the weekend, until Jim came up with the idea of going down to the Pittsburgh Escape Room. It was the last minute plan and didn’t want to upset the apple cart, so I just tagged along. We reached escape room Pittsburgh at sundown, 6 PM, top of the hour. The tickets were ridiculously expensive, a whopping $50 each. Anyhow, we bit the bullet and got ourselves 4 VIP passes and got the ball rolling and set foot inside escape room Pittsburgh. We jumped in both our feet and got down to brass tacks. It was an old room full of bells and whistles, furniture old as hills stacked on top of one another. It was pitch dark, the colour of the night sky, and we had our little flashlights guiding us through this enigma. We had a 60-minute timer, ticking down as we rolled across the room. 20 minutes had gone down when finally Lucy popped open a riddle box and found a key, made out of rotten steel and a skull on the top. We succeeded in getting past the first door in the escape room Pittsburgh, only to land ourselves in the freaking maze. With time ticking down, the pressure was bearing down on us, and it called for efficient teamwork. It was now a matter of pride, more than anything else. I paused for a moment to ponder, and the escape room Pittsburgh’s entire idea was dumber than a bag of hammers. You’re paying to get locked and then working like dog, trying to escape. The maze knocked us down with a feather and absolutely bamboozled us. We were moving around like headless chickens, coming across fake doorknobs, padlocks, and whatnot. We got stuck with both barrels trying to find a clue or a lead on something. The timer ticked down, with only 15 minutes on our hands, we were still looking to unravel this mystery of an escape room Pittsburgh. I could read the handwriting on the wall and it didn’t paint a pretty picture, we were destined to miserably fail at it. Time ran out and the main entrance of escape room Pittsburg popped open, as we walked out grim-faced.
We threw away money like water, just $200 down the drain for an hour of misery at the escape room Pittsburgh and utter confusion. We were baffled for the most part, and it gave us a run for our money. Not only that, the staff at the place was laughing at us for failing at the riddle as well. What kind of service is that? It’s just another mystery game and you’re better off playing it on your PS4, saves you the trouble of going through the drill.

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