ESEUNE Escuela de Negocios

ESEUNE Escuela de Negocios

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Published: 26 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

ESEUNE Business school, with headquarters in Bilbao, offers in its website ( several MBA programs with several characteristics which most of them are not delivered at all. | In its MBA China, they entice you by offering several attributes which are not at all delivered. | 1 – MBAction methodology (internships): Not true, the internships offered are really lower level activities that cannot be classified as internships, like answering phone calls, or making copies, or at the most looking for information on internet. | 2. Furthermore, in the perusals phase, Director Enrique de la Rica sell the expectation that you will do internships in the industry you are interested. Matter of fact, they just barely have a pool of companies, they do the search months previous the start of the program, and lucky if you find something in a nothing to do field of knowledge. for example, I wanted to know more about trying companies, but at the moment of knowing the available companies, there was not even a company in a related field. (the were supposedly, in smart city, banking, to mention a few). | 3. Issues with your visa: Additionally, if your take part of an internship, you will have problems with University, because your are effectively a Chinese language student, and government is very picky with that, and schools can face big problems if they fail to show the students attendance which is mandatory. So you end up with conflicts there, and Chinese teacher will tell you have to attend. Finally, there may be an agreement that you attend 2 to 3 days a week the classes, and then you have only 2 to 3 days to attend internships. Again ,this are very basic stuffs, almost an offense to our intelectual and business capacites. | 2- A Chinese course camouflaged as MBA: basically you are enrolled in a Chinese program, not a MBA. The MBA classes are less, and many of them bad quality. Some teachers do not speak English properly. | 3. Bad program, bad quality teachers, much less than expected: Before enrolling, Director de la Rica and China Director Nuria Celorio sell you the speech that you will learn bout Chinese culture, about history. In general, with some exceptions, teachers are really bad (like Celorio itself). program is 2 weekends a month, so you don´t have the chance to talk to teachers, to ask them more questions, to prepare the topic and have feedback. | they do not evaluate of follow up your assignments, which are a few and with no demand on you. One teacher, Manu Monasterio, supposedly marketing guru, besides of just speak about his business prowess, when giving feedback to one classmate Alejandro, he refer to previous year report form another Alejandro. i mean, some of the classes where really a joke, not even for a pre-graduate level. (international trade class where the most advance you could see where the incoterms). | Introduction to Chinese business world was given by a Chinese consultant, knowledgeable under my viepoint, but who did not speak english properly, and for a class of a few hours he took 2 days to finish. | 4- Chinese students and networking: Those pictures where you see many Chinese people in a classroom is just a show where Chinese professionals are invited (by a government related entity from Tianjin) to attend a Master class. The case is just a show, barely you can make contact and any networking since they are not regulars, and a few of them speak ´some´´ English, so. Furthermore, the facilities are not the ones shown in ´pictures. ESEUNE in China (as I understand also in Bilbao Spain) just use one room. this si so this is misleading as well. | 4- Students trip: visit to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing are poor, some of them making visit to unrelated places or institutions . For example, in Beijing we went to an private higher education school. I still don-t know the contribution. To be fair, in most of them, the meetings are with minor professionals or public service institutions, where the help and insights are minimal (exception is the lawyer buffet we visit in Beijing once, where the Managing Director really know his business). | 5. Finally, this program is sadly a trap that catch, mainly, unguarded latino american professionals that one to grow professionally. | Feel free to contact me at, I have more testimonies of this 16 mil Euros fraud (my 2016 classmates and more).

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