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My stained teeth caused me unhappiness and a lot of anxiety.

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Published: 20 July 2019

Posted by: Arlene

The wide range of discounts for dental care did not help me when my teeth turned yellow from a routine check at the ESP Dental. I am not afraid of having my teeth examined, but I am often concerned with the utensils used to touch my teeth and gums.

I enjoyed treating myself to the ESP DENTAL\’s range of discounts but what I didn’t know is how to walk out of the dentist\’s room with bright yellow teeth. As important as my consultation has been with ESP DENTAL and so are my teeth to me. I like to smile, and my teeth show out a lot.

A patient is not ignored from their choices of color on their teeth but the yellow color on my teeth ruined my smile. ESP DENTAL ruined my smile for months. The yellow color stained my teeth made me feel uncomfortable to smile in public.

I walked in with a smile and to whiten my teeth. A yellow substance got mixed into the white substance and temporarily stained my teeth. There was not a single staff that paid attention to what was clearly their fault. Patient care doesn’t mean a lot to ESP DENTAL.

I hoped at ESP DENTAL customer’s services comes first but they don’t show any part in care, kindness, or pleasantness to their patients. Services lack compassion and respect toward patient care at this clinic. When I tried to find out more about ESP DENTAL care, the staff weren’t friendly and showed no interest in what I needed to know of ESP Dental Care.

Patients are not comfortable with procedures at ESP Dental Care. The bad experience made me feel alone at the dental care facility. People were around me, but the atmosphere is cold and unfriendly.

I don’t recommend ESP Dental Care to other patients in need of such care.

At ESP DENTAL Care, they are known for unpleasantness and poor quality of dental care materials. Their staff members were not eager to advise me on what I should use to remove the yellow stain off my teeth. their poorly trained staff and poor quality of treatment left me with yellow stained teeth.

The yellow stain cleared up after two months of brushing and cleaning my teeth with home care remedies. I felt insecure to smile with a terrible stain on my teeth. It was an experience that did not put a smile on my face with confidence and made me feel insecure about dentists. I don’t recommend ESP DENTAL for the lack of patient care and poor communication skills they keep with their patients. I see that the expensive treatments are on top of their list and patient care is not a priority. Simple dental care affected me because of the poor performances at ESP Dental Care. I don’t recommend this hellhole to my friends or other patients.

Dentistry is supposed to make you feel comfortable and less anxiety but here, I felt awkward and didn’t walk out with a smile. The staff members were not helpful in any way to fix what they had messed up for me.

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