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Published: 20 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Estes Park ATV Rentals is a company who offer unguided tours, amazing trails and much more. They are currently located in Estes Park, CO. lately; many people are unhappy with the services of Estes Park ATV Rentals as they also say that these guys cheat and will try to scam you. People have also complained that Estes Park ATV Rentals has no parking area and their services are awful. The staff is also rude and arrogant and don’t respond to customers problems and queries.
My brother had a terrible experience with these guys. After he told me about the same, I realized that others should be made aware of this nonsense too. My brother had booked his trip in advance and drove 2 hours to reach the venue. Upon waiting around for a while, he was told that the company is out of vehicles at the moment to rent him. My brother urged that if he had already paid and made his reservation in advance so why he was he kept waiting. These people offered him no compensation, no deal on a future ride, and no help from workers. He was really disappointed with the way he was treated at this place said that the company has poor customer service and shows no respect for customers. He is not the only victim here. Many others have also faced issues with these people.
One of the customers said that he had a horrible experience at Estes Park ATV Rentals as he said that they had outdated equipment despite paying so much for it. The customer urged that there are better companies out there with new equipment using the same trail. The staff is rude and arrogant as well as their owner. The customer did not want to wish to come back here again.
Another customer said that the owner and his staff at this place are rude and don’t know how to treat their customers. The customers said that they had old cars which were not suitable to drive as they got a flat tire in the middle of the road. And it took them 1 hour to get there and fix their car and when they got there they don’t have enough equipment to fix it. Moreover, the tire they brought with them was too small and the guy tried to fit the tire which was not safe at all and told them to drive slowly and be careful. When he got back the owner was there and was so rude to him and told them that they were responsible for the car and wanted to charge them. The customer said that it was a terrible place and he does not wish to visit this place again in the future.
One of the customers said that Estes Park ATV Rentals will be going to save your credit card information as they are saving it future use. The customer said that they are very unprofessional and don’t know how to treat their customers. The customer also told that they had old cars and equipment which put their lives in danger.

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