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Published: 14 September 2019

Posted by: Sheryl25

12/12/2018 Dear Sir, We have gone from being extremely disappointed to angry over the past 4 months by our experience with Ethan Allen in Milford, CT. Both the product and response to issues with the product are a huge disappointment and unacceptable. We chose to purchase our new sofa from Ethan Allen based on prior experience as well as reputation. We spent considerable time searching for the right sofa for our new home, knowing it needed to be comfortable enough for daily use but also attractive enough to be the first thing seen when entering the foyer our open concept. home. We started looking on line and discovered the Carlotta style which had an interesting curved back which fit the bill appearance wise. We went to the closest store in Manchester CT to see if it fit the comfort test. They did not have that model in their store. We were told it was on the floor in Milford, CT which was another hour drive away. We decided to go there the next week as comfort is so important, making it critical for us to try the actual sofa. We spent substantial time in the store, well over an hour, trying this as well as other sofas and were satisfied that this was the right choice for us and very comfortable as well as attractive, especially from the back which was critical for our space. The salesperson offered to come to our home to help us decide on the best fabric for our space and we made an appointment with her. She came with samples in September, we made our choice and ordered the sofa that day. So far our experience was all we hoped for from Ethan Allen. Great service by the store and great advice from the designer who came all the way to our home to help us with our choice. The sofa was delivered at the end of October and that is when everything became a nightmare. The first thing I saw when the sofa was unwrapped was that it has a bench seat cushion, while we had sat on and ordered the two cushion version. The next thing was when we sat on the sofa and found it to be incredibly uncomfortable compared to the store version with far less support or “stuffing” in both seat and back cushions. There were “wrinkles” on the side and back of the sofa as well as areas around the top right side of the curved edges that appeared to be “dented” instead of smooth, looking like they were not properly stuffed during construction. This is very noticeable when entering the room. The back cushions are very flat compared to the floor model. We called the store and it was suggested we come back to Milford to try the floor model version again and to bring one of the back cushions with us to compare, which we did. The salesperson met us there and acknowledged that 1-she had ordered the bench cushion by mistake and 2-there was a noticeable difference between the stuffing of the floor model and the cushion we were given. She checked to be sure we ordered the same cushions and told us we had. We were told they would order the correct seat cushions once I was able to send them the info they needed to match the fabric from the sofa at home. They offered to send a technician out to see about the other issues. They also offered to give us the inserts from the floor model back cushions since they were thicker and more comfortable. We bought a new sofa and have NO interest in using anything from a model in the store that has been used for who knows how long so declined and requested new inserts. Once I got home, I called back and emailed the info they wanted about the fabric lot and was told it would be 4-6 weeks to get the new and correct cushions. They said they would send the technician out when they arrived to take care of the wrinkles and look at the defects on the curved edges. I said that I would like that to be addressed as soon as possible for obvious reasons. I couldn”t imagine that your company would want this to be a representation of their quality when people came into our home and we showed them our new sofa! They ultimately scheduled an appointment for someone to come over 3 weeks later. The technician did finally come on December 5th and was able to mostly steam out the wrinkles. He acknowledged that the right back top edge looked bad. He hoped that the steam may help to smooth out the defect at the edge and it did seem to improve slightly at first but it was temporary and is in full view several days later. While out of town this past week I received a voice mail from customer service advising me that my new cushions would be in at the end of January. This would be approximately 10 weeks from the time they were supposed to have been ordered! It took slightly less than 6 weeks for the original entire sofa to be made and delivered. Clearly they were never ordered when they were supposed to be at the beginning of November. So here is where we are. We have a sofa that was made with the wrong cushions and inferior to what was displayed in the showroom in both appearance and comfort. We have a store that appears to be unconcerned that we are stuck with this product given their delay in sending the technician and even worse, ordering the cushions as promised. We are going through the holidays, unnecessarily, entertaining with this showpiece as an embarrassment. We are now expected to wait another 6 weeks to get the (hopefully) correct cushions. What is worse, we have absolutely no confidence that this sofa is made with the quality to be expected from Ethan Allen. We feel we got a lemon. We do not see how the issues with the bumpy defects on the right side can be fixed. Nor did the technician. Our prior sofa was 20 years old and was made to last. This sofa feels as though we will be lucky to get a few years out of it at best, all the while looking at defects. We are beyond disappointed and frustrated with the product and the service. We would like only to return the sofa. We realize it is “custom”. While that makes it less generic, it is also the reason we expected it to be of better quality and at least to the standard of the floor model. It is neither. Sincerely, Sheryl Cheney and Ronald Mease

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